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  1. REAL ESTATE Apartment Investing

    Steve, Not sure if you remember me, but we used to correspond several years ago on this site. Haven't been on this site in a while but saw this thread and wanted to say hello. I'm currently living in Minnesota and working in apartment acquisitions for a large local investor. We've acquired...
  2. Buy me a car!

    You are 16 years old? Are you operating a fastlane business that will buy this car for you? Have you sold your first fastlane business and pocketed seven figures? If yes, congratulations and buy whatever car you want! If no, buy the most inexpensive car you can that will get you where...
  3. How to do market research / test idea if no established market?

    In MJ's book, one of his points is if you are annoyed by something / wish something existed / wished it was easier, most likely other people do too. I wish there were energy efficient, green homes available in any price range. In my city, most are $750k+ and only available to those who can...
  4. Does this new opportunity meet NECST?

    Hi all, long time no talk with most of you. Very quick background – I’ve been in real estate for the past 8 years (5 in development, 2 in asset management) and for the past 8 months I’ve been working for an apartment investment firm and I’m one of two individuals responsible for presenting...
  5. OFF-TOPIC Thoughts on Marriage/Kids and the Fastlane dream

    They are definitely not mutually exclusive, but I will give you a personal example. (As a happily married man) I cannot buy a fixer upper in a crappy part of town and live in it for 24 months while rehabbing it because my wife, while very understanding and supportive of my dreams, has...
  6. Demographics blew me away

    I've been thinking for a while about the changing demographics in the US and then was sitting at a meeting yesterday when some demographic numbers were mentioned. One was that the number of people living in my state over 65 years old is 677,270 as of 2010. That number is expected to grow to...
  7. REAL ESTATE Has anyone taken an online real estate course to get a license?

    I got my California real estate license by taking classes over the internet. I got my Minnesota real estate license by taking 60 hours of classroom at Kaplan. It makes no difference at all, with the exception of having a live teacher to ask questions of in the classroom. Plus, its harder to...
  8. how to start online counseling business

    I would think about keeping your concept connected to "helping someone do ____ " and producing videos, printed material, etc that can be distributed and thus turned fastlane w/proper execution. You can't do "therapy" over the internet or any fastlane way (for the most part), as one of the...
  9. the DO thread.

    I'm cheating a little because this is Day 3 of 2011, but here's what I've done so far. 1) had brunch w/my biz partner to review our plan and prepare for broker & financier meetings 2) met #1 broker in our city to discuss finding apartment deals 3) met with financier to discuss acquisition...
  10. REAL ESTATE Potential rehab deal - please help evaluate

    Rehab costs were way too high (went thru with a GC) and previous owner still had 5 months to redeem. Took a pass. Not sure if he ever sold it or not.
  11. Google buys Groupon for $2.5 billion

    Talk about Fastlane...Groupon was founded in November 2008.
  12. REAL ESTATE Buying a 4 plex

    Hi everyone, I hope this finds everyone on the board doing well. I've been gone for some time. Wanted to let everyone know what I'm up to these days. I'm in the process of locating and buying a 4 plex to live in. My market is severely undersupplied and after a lot of study I think...
  13. GREAT videos

    Some of the best I've ever seen. He doesn't agree with scaling, but Vaynerchuck video alone is worth the price of admission. (Which is free btw) The 7 Keynote MBA: How to Save 2 Years and $100,000
  14. Bounce's story - Part 1

    This is an intriguing thought. Why do you think this will happen? And as fastlaners, how do we profit from it? Love to hear people discussing this...
  15. Bounce's story - Part 1

    Thanks for the honesty in sharing Part 1. Looking forward to the rest! speed ++
  16. Bounce checking in

    We'd all love to hear about you in the intro section. We love hearing stories, no matter how brutal...especially with happy endings. And it sounds like maybe you should proceed straight to the Success Stories tab and post there! Welcome!
  17. My PLAN - next step? (LONG)

    Thanks CAT for the reply. I understand what you are saying about not being ready financially. I think I might have to go back to the drawing board and figure out a way to make some money in the meantime, before I deal with a rehab. Problem is we need to move out in a couple of months...
  18. My PLAN - next step? (LONG)

    Thank you for the great replies!
  19. My PLAN - next step? (LONG)

    bumping again...hoping for something. Also been reading a lot about the market double dipping and dropping another 5-10% before the end of the year. This would obviously have a negative effect on my plan.
  20. My PLAN - next step? (LONG)

    bump for more ideas!
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