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  1. Cold calling Vs Face to Face?

    I'd say you need to work on making it easy and very brief to explain your business. Specifically explaining how what you do helps the person you are talking too. Then later if they want to know more specifics of how you do that you can go more in depth. Approach the client. ... Discover client...
  2. OFF-TOPIC The future of movie theaters?

    Up here in Canada they have remained relevant, adding things like rows of motion seats in some theaters, also i think you can choose/reserve your seats online for certain screenings. They also have adult only VIP theaters that have loveseats and part of the theater is you can have a meal from...
  3. Help craft Fastlane an effective tag line...

    Learn to Live Unscripted, Leave a Legacy Learn, Share, Live Unscripted Learn, Share, Live the Unscripted Life Learn, Share, Live the Unscripted Life, See How It's been done Something about the sharing, learning from others part of community here be good in the tag line.
  4. FIVERR goes public, will it become HUNDREDRR?

    So are these companies like fiverr, uber etc.. actually profitable and just work the numbers to continually show these huge losses year after year? I'm not too familiar with all the economics involved. When I see these companies going public it makes me think that they have ended there...
  5. RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Yes! Not to mention the cost of just a sticker, or even having a sticker at all :| When now a cop can check the license plate with the computer and see that everything is up too date. Also along these lines here why does a car only need to be checked for safety when it is bought by a new owner...
  6. RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    From the looks of it, I'd say that its spinning on a metal connection and not a rope being twisted. It must be something specific to that rescue since they use this type of extraction all the time and I doubt they would use this method if that was a regular occurrence. Quick google and it...
  7. Everything can be rented

    Was just reading about Stubhub and how they have a fee on both sides that add's up to 25% cut. This allows them to cover any fraudulent tickets. Think someone here mentioned a photography rental site where they have the renter buy insurance. I think they even had certain number of rentals you...
  8. RANT How much is too much for an office expenses?

    Places go out of business all the time and are basically giving away office chairs and furniture. Can find on local craigslist, classifieds etc..
  9. RANT Supreme Court: Apple is a Monopoly ?!?!?

    Interesting bring up car company, I believe Tesla is under scrutiny for not allowing access to parts, diagnostic equipment and service manuals to third parties. So the only people that can repair a Tesla is Tesla. Which is leading to major time delay's in repair scheduling and of course they set...
  10. RANT Stay In School It's Not A Waste Of Time!

    I agree to disagree.
  11. RANT Stay In School It's Not A Waste Of Time!

    By school i'm talking elementary and high school as well, so going from a farming family or family service business (butcher etc..) to a school preparing people to work in a more rigid factory or office environment. Can google it and get an idea of where it came from. Another one you might not...
  12. RANT Fighting Temptation

    What if the salary was a contract for set amount to complete a project? Then you could hire people to work on it, you check over the work before submitting? Not sure if applicable just a thought that came to mind.
  13. RANT Stay In School It's Not A Waste Of Time!

    I believe that is more to surround their kids with other successful families, going to school and becoming friends/networking with the presidents daughter or a senators son etc.. Will only help later in life. The only reason's i can see for school is if it will actually lead you to a job you...
  14. Everything can be rented

    I mean stores that sell new items like Walmart, Home Depot, Costco etc.. They were talking about Costco here on the radio there business model is based on the membership fee, the returns apparently go back to the manufacturers to recoup the loss.. They have a very lenient return policy. People...
  15. Everything can be rented

    Don't people just buy items and return them within the 30-90days instead of renting?
  16. Burning my boats: need tips to pick a new city to move

    Don't people move to Florida because it is cheaper to live without the state income tax? Combined with no cold winter season (snow) makes it cheaper than a lot of northern states I would think. Coming from a Canadian who scraped ice of windshield today :| Florida sounds amazing.
  17. What's the best way to study maths?

    The beauty of math is that there is a concrete answer and process. So if you find yourself guessing then need to go back and learn so that you know what to do, and not guess. 1. Basically learn concept, process. 2. Solve Problem 3. Check Answer 4. If incorrect find where you deviated 5. Learn...
  18. How to detect deceitful people

    Red flag is usually people talking about themselves or there accomplishments unprompted. As well as anything that requires immediate commitment.
  19. Make $1,000 in 30 Days as a new entrepreneur

    Start going for bigger accounting jobs in your side business whatever that might be.
  20. OFF-TOPIC What watch/es do you own?

    Nice to see all the Orient watches, literally was just learning about them this week. Casio MDV106 for days I enjoy wearing a watch.
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