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  1. Scalr

    Find the accomplishments that keep you going

    I just had this realization and needed to share. Here is the story: For the last 7 days I am staying at home with our newborn. Mom went back to work and I am taking care of her for a few days. I was struggling for the last days. It is hard. It is hard to know what the baby wants. Sometimes...
  2. Scalr

    What is your favorite Landing Page Builder?

    Instapage is one that stood out in my recent research and wasn’t mentioned in this thread yet. They let you set up A/B tests from the get go. However, ~$120/month was not what I would pay since I use it to test the market right now. Went with leadpages because I was in extreme need to take...
  3. Scalr

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Listened to "The Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes. I saw it being referred here. It is great and I think I will have to pick it up again in the future. Several chapters are relevant for bigger teams and how to train your employees. I skipped those for later. Really liked the section about...
  4. Scalr

    Would appreciate advice on a business opportunity...

    Sounds like an exciting time with several opportunities coming up. Would I trust a brochure? Maybe. So, how can definitely get their attention and not feel like you are selling something to them? You want to help them, right? Think about the people. What are they going through right now? They...
  5. Scalr

    EXECUTION FBA Retail Arbitrage to fund bigger things

    Thanks for sharing your progress with us. This is true hustle, don't give up! I assume you are trying something else now. Maybe for others that land here, post a link to keep following you on your next adventure. All the best!
  6. Scalr

    INTRO Unscripted Awakens My Entrepreneurial Spirit - An Intro

    Welcome, BTech7 Good to see a fellow student of the TFL class of 2019 :) Similar story for me: In the tech space and came here "to bounce ideas around". Little did I know how much impact this forum puts on top of the book - Mindset shift. If you feel your mindset is already set to go and...
  7. Scalr

    Weekly stand up meeting

    What tool are you using for kanban? From personal experience: The long winded answers and drifting into off-topic discussions is super common. Engineers solve difficult problems, there is always something to discuss. These discussions usually mean that there are other people that have to sit...
  8. Scalr

    Designs for Twitch Streamers

    You are absolutely right. Thanks a lot for telling me not to overthink!!! If there is one thing that I have learned from this forum is... take action. I got my first design done over the weekend. Next step is to set up landing page, get some traffic on it and see how it converts. Thinking...
  9. Scalr


    Just finished it and loved it. I listened to the audio book. A lot of times I had to remain in my car for a few more minutes just to keep going. A masterpiece. Thanks for putting it all down.
  10. Scalr

    Designs for Twitch Streamers

    Hi, as I go through idea validation I did what people in the forum recommend and went to Twitter for "needs". After a few errors, I thought I found something interesting "need twitch overlay". Twitch overlay are graphics that streamers put over they stream to make it look more professional...
  11. Scalr

    INTRO Hi, I am new here and here is a summary of my story

    Thank you, MJ. I just finished Unscripted last night. For me an absolute masterpiece! Amazon review incoming :) And again, I learned more about myself. I am the described "idea guy". One idea after another. Doing a little bit here and little bit there. Mostly not waiting long enough for...
  12. Scalr

    INTRO Hi, I am new here and here is a summary of my story

    This is NOT going to be a drive-by account. Time to give an update. Key points: - Struggle to decide and commit - Taking action, better than continuing the pondering I am sitting here at my desk, staring at an empty wall. A white wall. You know why it is empty? Because the spot is reserved...
  13. Scalr

    Ideas using Machine Learning?

    To keep the inspiration going: In transportation a model gets trained to detect what happens inside & outside the vehicle. Fusing it with a whole bunch of other sensors (GPS, Gyroscope etc.) Yes, this is used for self-driving cars. In finance it is also used (by banks) to analyze over millions...
  14. Scalr

    Ideas using Machine Learning?

    This might actually be super interesting. There are also lots of Automation Startups raising tons of money recently. What they offer is basically a bot that watches user behavior and then finds tasks that can be automated based on that. (financial, accounting, support, internal communications...
  15. Scalr

    Ideas using Machine Learning?

    Absolutely, the edge cases. I think it depends on how you position your email. So it is not too "creepy" but tells customer if they need it, you are there for them. Like what Target did with pregnant moms, they were able to predict that on buying behavior and offered huge discounts to them for...
  16. Scalr

    Ideas using Machine Learning?

    Here is another one: Car repair shops probably have a dataset about customers - miles driven, repairs done etc. Using machine learning over several datasets you could predict upcoming issues for their customers vehicles. Using VIN and miles, fuse this with a database that has known issues per...
  17. Scalr

    INTRO Hi, I am new here and here is a summary of my story

    Yes, there are two options: new product / existing product. For both it is interviewing users and find out how they use it OR how a new product could help them with their work. This can be outsourced. For existing product I would need to do data analysis of the currently collected data. That...
  18. Scalr

    INTRO Hi, I am new here and here is a summary of my story

    Wow, this is really good. I read the first 3 parts. Super inspired to go through the process like this. Thanks for sharing this.
  19. Scalr

    INTRO Hi, I am new here and here is a summary of my story

    Thanks for your reply and for making me think more about it. Product Managers own the Product and need to make sure the roadmap sets the product up for success. And we build the right features. I gather information by talking to customers and looking at the market and competitors. I did mostly...
  20. Scalr

    INTRO Hi, I am new here and here is a summary of my story

    Hi forum, Nice to meet you all! I just finished TFL and am reading Unscripted right now. Those two books had such massive impact on me, my mindset and my upcoming actions. I always had itches to build stuff. For myself I never made it over the finish-line in terms of success. Paying...
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