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  1. OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    Yes! Finally another gainer! Welcome! As of today, I have gained 10.5 of the 20ish pounds I am trying to put on! In the last two weeks, I have gained 7.5 pounds -- 1.2 of muscle, 3.0 of fat, 3.2 of water, and (oddly) 0.1 of bone! I'm doing heavy, compound lifts with lots of rest; and I'm...
  2. Anyone good with Analogies?

    Yeah. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but I just made a post on the Fastlane Fatty Forum comparing financial and fitness goals. You can quote me. :)
  3. OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    Hey, guys! I know I got thrown out of this thread, but I think some of my experiences might still be relevant. I've just hit the 2-month mark of a very intense workout/diet program, and I thought I could share some insights that may transcend the fitness realm and apply to other fastlane...
  4. OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    Inspired by this thread, I wrote an article about how skinny and healthy aren't synonyms, and my struggle to become healthy may not be the same as yours; but it's a struggle all the same. So maybe this thread isn't the place for me, because I can't give first-hand knowledge on losing weight...
  5. OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    Thanks, MJ. I've always been skinny (or a "hardgainer," as we prefer to be called); but that doesn't mean I have always been healthy. Quite the contrary. How could that be? I used to fear P.E. Running? Might as well have asked me if I wanted a side-ache and two lungs full of fire...
  6. OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    I didn't see a rule... I'm trying to change my body too, but if it's not relevant, I'll take down my posts. Believe me, eating this much is no walk in the park. When Chritian Bale built Patrick Bateman's body for "American Psycho," he had to wake up in the middle of the night to eat a...
  7. OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    I changed my diet strategy this week from one that will maintain my weight at a BMI of 22 to one that will increase my weight to a BMI of 24.8. I'm hoping to gain most of this weight through muscle-growth. How? Diet: 3,488 calories/day (40% carbs, 30% proteins, and 30% fats) with 110+ grams...
  8. OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    Here's a pretty neat chart about what your body is asking for when it triggers a craving. I really like Mark Sisson's theory that primal man naturally craves fat, sugar, and salt. Prehistorically, seeking out fats (meat/nuts), sugars (fruits), and salt (vegetables/minerals) was good for us...
  9. WEB/DIGITAL The "Luck Struck" Progress Thread

    Thanks guys! Your encouragement means a lot, and yes: I retreated and have been recovering. But I will be back. Very soon. Formulating a new PLAN. :)
  10. O/T: FUNNY The Rat Race

    LOL! I don't remember where I found it. Somewhere on the intertubes.
  11. OFF-TOPIC Fastlane Fatty Forum

    Sorry I'm late. I have some fitness goals of my own for 2010. Namely, Outstanding-High score on Navy physical readiness standard. That means: 101 sit-ups with no rest (I can do 55 now, Good-Low) 84 push-ups with no rest (I can do 49 now, Good-Low) 1.5-mile run in 8:55 (current best is 11:54...
  12. O/T: FUNNY The Rat Race

    Enjoy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  13. WEB/DIGITAL The "Luck Struck" Progress Thread

    Yeah, that's why. I have no money, er "capital." Russ, he lives with his mother far away; but I still have plenty of reasons to be sleepless. Thanks for your concern. Hopefully I'll be able to see beyond the rat race again some day soon.
  14. WEB/DIGITAL The "Luck Struck" Progress Thread

    Selling approximately 2/month, even though I pulled all advertising. Once I have time again, I imagine I can boost sales with a bit of effort. Thanks for staying interested.
  15. Business near a casino

    Hm... Non parlo italiano. Volete tradurre il mio libro?
  16. Business near a casino

    Translate it to what? I'm working on a Spanish edition.
  17. Business near a casino

    Cheshire, PM me if you want to sell my book on luck that might do really well with gamblers.
  18. WEB/DIGITAL The "Luck Struck" Progress Thread

    I appreciate the feedback, and I admit: once my son showed up, I almost immediately lost interest in my book, my websites, and my PLAN. Still trying to find my feet. If I get back on track, I'll pay a pro to do my site. I got too bogged down in trying to become good at everything to get any...
  19. WEB/DIGITAL Are You Ready for Google Caffeine?

    After all your careful SEO, are your sites ready for Caffeine? Google's new Beta rustles up more results faster -- doubtless in response to Microsoft's Bing release. See Google's Caffeine Should Give Businesses the Jitters.
  20. OFF-TOPIC Who here has a College Degree?

    I got a B.A. in international business from Whitworth. I'm glad I got a degree, not just for the education, but for the credential (which still has value in the rat race.) It was very expensive, but research shows that it does pay for itself among employees. (Hard to say if an entrepreneur can...
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