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  1. ay47

    Calling all CLOSERS. Need sales advice!

    Ok. I’ll also take a crack at this. This is your first meeting. The goal should be the ferret out their pains. If they are looking at your product, they want it to solve something. No one wakes up in the morning and says “I think I need a website”. They want it to attract more customers. Why do...
  2. ay47

    how to get start with affiliate marketing

    The short answer is yes. You can host any kind of website with affiliate links. You just have to find website that offers affiliate commissions. Are there any for what u r trying to do?
  3. ay47

    A video game to prepare for coding interviews

    Well, I don’t know where you are. But have you considered Steam Greenlight? It’s a platform where you can share your game concept. The best feedback is market feedback. If it gets enough votes, you can publish on Steam and get paying users. This will fund your development. You gotta get out...
  4. ay47

    EXECUTION Progress Thread - Cloud Niche

    Ok you weren't very clear on what you’ve tried. I’m assuming you guys are in the services business. But let me give this a shot. I'm in B2B sales in my slowlane job. I would start with target personas. B2B sales center around champions and decision makers. What does your ideal persona look...
  5. ay47

    Coping with serious disabilities?

    Have you encouraged him at creating his own support network? There are lots of resources like Facebook Groups, forums etc online. Community services and hospitals offline. I don't know what disability he has. If he is determined to be on the FastLane, why not look at creating something that...
  6. ay47

    Owning a portfolio of websites (flippa/empireflippers/etc)

    I've been subscribed to Empire Flippers for a while. They certainly seem to know what they are doing. I would pick up skills as you need them. Just in time knowledge instead of just in case knowledhe. End of the day, online business is like any business. There's top line and bottom line...
  7. ay47

    Just overheard an entire Kiyoski based MLM pitch. Wow, that was painful.

    I noticed a disturbing trend from a couple of years ago. It's MLM as affiliate marketing. They use the tried and tested FB ad -> landing page -> free workshop -> sales call strategy. From what I worked out, it's like this. Guru introduces affiliate marketing as a safe and easy way to make...
  8. ay47

    Smart farming - growing money by growing super greens and herbs

    Is it possible to grow Saffron in your country’s climate? Saffron is more valuable than gold pound for pound. So that could be really profitable. Watching this thread for developments. For the rest of your produce, I think your target market should be pp interested in locally sourced food...
  9. ay47

    Upwork Flipping... Ethical?

    I see nothing wrong in it. End of the day, is the client delighted? If he is, you added value. Do u know how hard it is to find quality freelancers on Fiverr? I did just this the other day. Got a client for 150 usd, paid someone on Fiverr 50 usd. Freelancer delivered late. And it was a really...
  10. ay47

    WEB SCHOOL How to get your first 4-figure client?

    Just a store-front with a simple shopping card and payment integration. It isn't hard once you get the hang of it. No real-time stuff. They just wanted an admin page for inventory their staff were "comfortable" with. Manual key entry. But I also built api level integrations to different...
  11. ay47

    WEB SCHOOL How to get your first 4-figure client?

    Disclaimer: my knowledge is from 3 years ago. I stopped the business due to slow-lane job and e-commerce business. And I’m not from the U.S. I'm also going to assume that you can pick up any technical skills you need. I know it seems incredulous to charge 10,000 for a website. Even 3 years ago...
  12. ay47

    WEB SCHOOL How to get your first 4-figure client?

    Wow that’s a great website! Maybe share how you are getting your leads? I have charged 10,000 for websites that were not technically sophisticated. E-commerce front end with some additional pages. It all comes down to getting the right clients first. They must have the ability to pay. That...
  13. ay47

    BOOK Ramit Sethi - "I TEACH YOU TO BE RICH" - how legitimate?

    Look out for SmartPassiveIncome. His main schtick is niche web site building and affiliate marketing.
  14. ay47

    BOOK Ramit Sethi - "I TEACH YOU TO BE RICH" - how legitimate?

    Ramit’s book “I will teach you to be rich” is a very simple personal finance book. It’s meant for slowlaners. Ramit is pretty much a Tier 1 Guru these days. Check @SinisterLex Guru thread. He has a lot of high ticket courses and you can see the content increasingly getting more commercialised...
  15. ay47

    Investing in other businesses and your Way to FastLane Millions?

    Understood. I understand some about evaluation through value investing books. The process is somewhat similar. But I can't help but feel this is pure bean counting. It doesn't take into account "potential" of the business. I guess the best way is to post a follow along thread when I start my...
  16. ay47

    Ecommerce Profit Margins?

    I earn about 30%- 50% net margin on each of my products and just cleared a 45k month. I do no advertising as it's a well known product. Been doing it for more than 6 years now. I'm at my limit for fulfillment so I need to operationalize before exploring how to expand my sales. So the margin is...
  17. ay47

    Investing in other businesses and your Way to FastLane Millions?

    Thank you. If you could think of a book for evaluating general business, that would be very handy. Would love to know more about the topic. Haven't found a lot on the topic through my own searches.
  18. ay47

    Investing in other businesses and your Way to FastLane Millions?

    Could u elaborate or link to the SteveO value play? I've been evaluating some businesses lately.
  19. ay47

    Growing your business without spending money on advertising

    How did u find your calling, Andy? How did u know u wanted to be the AdWords guy? I'm at a crossroads now where lots of my friends know me as the guy who has a business on the side. And the guy who negotiates. The guy who invests. How did u decide which guy u want to be?
  20. ay47

    How to use forums (and Facebook groups)

    I think Facebook groups vs Forums is like radio vs podcasts. I forgot which book. But MJ talks about how he prefers podcasts because they are permanent. I love this forum . Every single question I have has interesting answers. I always Google my question + fastlane forums these days. So if u...
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