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  1. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    More power to ya! For myself, I've taken a hard look at myself and decided I am probably not a good match for business building. I just don't have the laser focus, energy level, and stick-to-it-iveness that you need. I've done well in a "job" situation and in a self-employed...
  2. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    You mentioned mobile homes a month ago, #39 in this thread. I looked at it and though it had promise, but the Forbes article I mentioned made it sound like you needed a bigger park than I can justify to do it right. Then @WJK said it's a "full-time + job," and that's not what I'm looking for...
  3. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    Hm OK. Middle-class neighborhoods, maybe slightly older properties. I'm certainly open to that, but finding/buying/etc remotely would be new to me. I'll have to think about that. But 11% net after all costs is worth a lot. Not really, but I'd certainly be willing to. I looked briefly at...
  4. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    The trick is finding those houses. As far as I know, they don't exist around here. J, are your 11% properties in the Phoenix area, or where? If I'm going to continue to hold rentals, I need to find much better alternatives than I have now. 11% cash-on-cash totally hands-off would be a DREAM...
  5. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    Agree 100%. Especially since this is going to be providing me a less-than-opulent retirement. One disaster away from living on ramen in my dotage. But that's the way it works with real estate around here. Several realtors, appraisers, and investors have confirmed that. So I'm rethinking how...
  6. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    After closer study, it looks like my properties net about 5.2% after PITI & HOAs. That's with me doing the management, which recently has been an expensive learning experience. If I hire a management company, the return drops to about 4.5%. Is that worthwhile? Questionable. I can find...
  7. garyfritz

    Earn your fecking stripes

    They're also very true, and well-earned.
  8. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    Buying at a discount is the trick. My traditional realtor (long-time friend) is not an expert in that area, even though she claimed she was. I could sniff around for a hungrier / savvier realtor, but that would be buying more local properties. Seems to me like you need to be tied into a...
  9. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    Good point. The locals are going to snap up all the good deals. Seems unlikely that there will be so many 12% properties out there that the locals don't grab them all. And if they didn't, ya gotta wonder why not. @WJK, I've done my own management (on a small scale) for 30 years. It's getting...
  10. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    Humm, interesting idea. This Forbes article makes it sound really good, but he may be aiming at deeper pockets than mine. He recommends getting 50 units or more, especially if you're looking for a passive investment and not an on-site job. At $30k or more per pad, that's stretching it a bit...
  11. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    Thanks J, your $.02 is worth a lot. That was what I figured -- probably an over-hyped and under-delivered scam. I don't see any major scam complaints online, but it's hard telling how much penetration the guy has. If I decide to look into it, I'll definitely grill him on some of those points...
  12. garyfritz

    The Passive Income Lie

    Digging up an old-ish thread... I mentioned that my real estate is in my local (northern CO) market, and high returns pretty much don't happen here. My rentals make about 6-6.5% *gross*, before ANY expenses. By the time I pay taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc I'm lucky to net 4% or so. And...
  13. garyfritz

    I just put my house up for sale and no one I know understands why

    This. I have a large lakefront home. It's stupidly large for one person and I was feeling broke after my divorce, so I almost sold it. Decided not to, and instead I rented out the walkout basement as a lakefront apartment. Between my equity and the rental income, my net "house payment" is...
  14. garyfritz

    How was your high school experience

    You may not like it, but that doesn't make it propaganda. The BLS has done the research and put hard numbers on it: Unemployment rates and earnings by educational attainment So a HS dropout makes about $27k, HS grad $37k, BS $61k, MS $73k, PhD $91k. I think those numbers are low but they...
  15. garyfritz

    Thank You.. its been two years.

    And it sounds like you're enjoying the ride. That sounds like a pretty damn good Fastlane win right there, brah. Pat yourself on the back and keep killin it!
  16. garyfritz

    Daytrading Crypto: My Journey

    Bingo. You can throw all kinds of trading concepts at crypto but nothing is guaranteed to work. @Matteo Zhou, have you successfully applied those analysis tools to other markets? I know a few people who use Elliot Wave, or claim they do. Personally I think they've just developed a...
  17. garyfritz

    To go big, or to just get by for now?

    My grandfather farmed the same farm I grew up on (NE Iowa) so I went through some of this too. If I had taken the farm, my sons would be in your shoes now. I never wanted to farm, but I have two brothers and they both very seriously considered it. My younger brother worked with my dad for a...
  18. garyfritz


    The trouble is, there are no standards or standards agencies. Cannabis is legal where I live, and some dispensaries provide great information, lab analyses, explanation of benefits of different components, etc. Others just say "Hella dank nugs, brah." And like any plant product, there is...
  19. garyfritz

    Struggle to move forward every week? Get ACCOUNTABLE like Legendary Fastlaners do...

    Dang, was just going to drop you a line. Procrastination strikes again. Anyone else looking for a partner?
  20. garyfritz

    Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

    Yes, but it's not what you might be thinking. 5G in cellphone world is the 5th Gen of cellphone standards. 5G in your router is a 5GHz signal, a second "band" in addition to the 2.4GHz of older standards. There are scare stories about the health risks of 5G cellular, but I don't know if there...
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