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  1. Wiezel

    TMF vs Doing something you enjoy doing the rest of your life

    Do something you enjoy doing the rest of your life vs Scaling a business and enjoy your freedom when you are financial independent First one: you'll do something you really enjoy doing so it won't feel like work. Downside is that you might still need to 'work' till you're 70 years old...
  2. Wiezel

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days
  3. Wiezel

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    I'm not using social media for 'fun'. Really don't see the point in sharing your 'fancy' life with people you barely know just to impress. Impressing people you might not even like, I don't get it.
  4. Wiezel

    How to find needs to execute [value/scale/sell]

    MJ mentioning in his books that he's seeing needs every single day, well I'm not. For sure that's all on me and not being at the same level he is. What I did learn is that the TMF is telling you to create a business that's giving value or providing solutions, scale it, sell it and enjoy life and...
  5. Wiezel

    Lost and not sure where to start again

    I was sending out email/video messages asking companies what problems/challenges they are facing so I can collect data and find a suitable solution to the needs. The response rate was insane low (below 5%). After some discussion with some people they suggested me to search it more nearby first...
  6. Wiezel

    Ideas that have already been done

    1. Find a need 2. Copy an already existing solution 3. Improve it 4. Win
  7. Wiezel

    I am grateful, are you?

    I am happy I developed my mindset to a state that anything is possible in this world. I might not be at my end goal yet, at least my mindset is set. Comparing myself to other people who complain about life, that it sucks, that they're born to fail or being successful isn't for them. I'm glad I...
  8. Wiezel

    How do i create trust in the fastlane for my slowlane girlfriend?

    Why would it matter if she gets it or not? Your choice in the end. She can have the slowlane job, if she's happy in it. In the end you must be happy, whatever your job/goal is.
  9. Wiezel

    What high income skill should I learn to make money online?

    Why not? Does your client needs to know you outsource it? No. Do they care you let someone else do the work? No. They care about getting results, doesn't matter if you, your neighbour or your dog does the job ;).
  10. Wiezel

    What high income skill should I learn to make money online?

    It's more than 'just', it's harder then it may look. But in general, yes. Add value and get paid (@Andy Black ;) ). You can also outsource it if you don't own the skills (Upwork, Fiverr or friends). You don't have to be an expert.
  11. Wiezel

    What high income skill should I learn to make money online?

    Then this forum is not for you. Go find some Facebook groups who match your get rich quick thoughts.
  12. Wiezel

    INTRO Hi!

    Welcome! I suggest you read some of the gold/notable threads on here to give you some guidance :)
  13. Wiezel

    How to get interaction from others?

    @Andy Black Thank you again! I'm wondering though... I get your message. Let's say someone comes up with a question and I know a little bit about it (let's say SEO). Of course I want to help him/her but I'm not good enough or I do not know enough to REALLY help them. The best for them is to...
  14. Wiezel

    How to get interaction from others?

    Thanks Andy, very insightful. The odd thing is... I’m nothing. I don’t own any skills or a specific skillset that can fix other people’s problems. Which makes it hard to pick a niche or focus on a certain target group who I can help.
  15. Wiezel

    How to get interaction from others?

    I'll give that a shot. Not sure how that would work out.. interacting with random people who might not even own a business? Isn't that a waste of time.
  16. Wiezel

    How to get interaction from others?

    1. That they will speak freely with me at what their pain points or challenges are. 2. I'm searching in a certain niche, yes correct. I do not have a product or service, I was thinking about digital marketing in all forms (strategies, advertising, getting leads, branding etc.) but I didn't...
  17. Wiezel

    How to get interaction from others?

    Which makes it hard for me since I want to focus on the US market and I’m from Europe. Reason why; outsourcing later on, English is a way more spoken language than Dutch and don’t want to trap myself in my own country.
  18. Wiezel

    How to get interaction from others?

    Not sure if this is the right part of the forum for this post, please move when needed. During my time here on the Fastlane forum I've developed my mindset a lot and stopped focussing on money. It's about providing value and find solutions for needs. Last week and a half I've been sending...
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