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  1. jon.a

    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    Locus of Control Test Results Internal Locus |||||||||||||||||| 79% External Locus |||||| 21%
  2. jon.a

    INTRO Wish I had found MFL before RDPD

    No, no, no why can't people read that story and get it right? I was an Aircrewman. A SEAL taught me to swim and over-come fear.
  3. jon.a

    INTRO Wish I had found MFL before RDPD

    Officer on deck! Welcome sir.
  4. jon.a

    What drives you to be appreciative of life?

    I quit the e-cig's last month. :)
  5. jon.a

    INTRO Lawsuit Multimillionaire

    For real estate investing at your level I have 2 recommendations... Log In - Private Investor Club Log In ‹ 506 Investor Group — WordPress
  6. jon.a

    INTRO Lawsuit Multimillionaire

    I admire your sense of humor in your nickname and avatar :)
  7. jon.a


    Happy F*cking birthday. @Vigilante
  8. jon.a

    I don't care about money

    I still have that question.
  9. jon.a

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    How To Be Rich, J. Paul Getty
  10. jon.a

    New concept in Denmark - Would you pay for this

    What about cleaning car engines?
  11. jon.a

    Did MJ DeMarco do market research for his 2 books?

    This forum was most of his research.
  12. jon.a

    INTRO Hello :)

    You did good. :)
  13. jon.a

    INTRO Looking to get out of the Rat Race

    11 years in the military is odd?
  14. jon.a

    INTRO An Introvert's Introduction

    Get the book and put it at the top of your stack.
  15. jon.a

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone know their IQ?

    Does anyone know their IQ? yes
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