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  1. Lambo-Hunter

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    first of i want to say i enjoyed the episode the only thing i really wanted tho was a fight scene with Jon and the night king, I mean he deserved a better death then that.. Second.. They know that fire kills the walkers, they have known that the dead are coming for years and they know about...
  2. Lambo-Hunter

    NOTABLE! Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    I still read physical books every morning when I drink my coffee, but audiobooks are king when out n' about. I tend to read the more serious books on actuall physical copys where I can highlight with a marker and really study the text.
  3. Lambo-Hunter

    Amazon v going alone with Shopify

    Your price shouldn't be what makes your product unique so if you have to lower it to compete with the others then you got a product problem.
  4. Lambo-Hunter

    Burning my boats: need tips to pick a new city to move

    How about outside the US? If you have a business or can work online then go to southeast asia, you wont have an issue finding others who are working on their businesses and it's incredible cheap. I'm probably heading back there next winter myself.
  5. Lambo-Hunter

    NOTABLE! Is Anyone Else Intermittent Fasting?

    Never was a fan of eating breakfast growing up, still not. Been doing IF for about 5 years knowingly. havent experienced any extra energy, I'm just not a fan of eating before 2-3pm I do a 3-7 day water fast once a quarter to let my body chillout and not process any food.
  6. Lambo-Hunter

    E-Com currency type

    If you're selling worldwide i'd change it to USD, most people know their own currency in relation to the USD pretty well. Also If you're using wordpress or shopify you can try installing an automatic currency switcher plugin.
  7. Lambo-Hunter

    How do you guys structure your day with purpose? Constantly feeling like I am running "Behind"

    Start with your end goal and just break it down into actionable steps
  8. Lambo-Hunter

    Help: Hustle to $2,500/Month

    Doesn't sound like you want to be fastlane. Just get a job that allows you to work remotely?
  9. Lambo-Hunter

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    You can actually download all of the customer data, it's just that you have to do it in 30 day increments. Just choose exact dates, and make sure it's a maximum of 30 days.
  10. Lambo-Hunter

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    I've tried several different methods, that one was for a 15% coupon in return for their email adress. *Edit: just read my post again, that example was for a giveaway, i gave away 5 units and gave the losers a 10% discount* I drive the traffic to a simple landing page, collect the email and...
  11. Lambo-Hunter

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    Definitelly try that out! I get leads for $0.14 with a 16% conversion rate once they're on my email list using that method. Not sure if it's "legal" to retarget your amazon customers but creating a lookalike audience shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Lambo-Hunter

    How not to go crazy? (draining day routine)

    mate, 45 mins of cardio everyday is not good for you and will actually hurt you in the long run. Limit your caloric intake and you will lose that bellyfat. it's that simple. Also the majority of fitness advice comes form people taking steroids. If you're a natural lifter, excericing 3-4 times...
  13. Lambo-Hunter

    Business Idea

    Where have you gotten you're empirical data from?
  14. Lambo-Hunter

    VISA Trauma! Australian trying to move to USA permanently. Looking for advice!!

    It literally took me 5 minutes to get my EIN number, I've never even been to the US. Just call them and say you want one, you'll get it right away and then you'll get some more documents after 2 weeks or so.
  15. Lambo-Hunter

    MONEY SYSTEM - after the exit from several $million Amazon Business

    As someone who made over 7000% my first year on the stock market( Pure luck). I recommend real estate.. Atleast getting some REITS(Real-Estate Investment trusts) I think everyone should learn about investing tho, check out Ray Dalio's all seasons strategy. I use a version of it myself for my...
  16. Lambo-Hunter

    Forbes article: How 20-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Built A $900 Million Fortune In Less Than 3 Years

    Don't know the whole story about it, but.. I think it's pretty impressive when people born into wealth choose to start businesses instead of partying away their parents trustfund. From what i've heard she owns 100% of the business aswell so she's probably pretty business savvy.
  17. Lambo-Hunter

    EXECUTION I'm starting a marketing agancy

    I'm in central Sweden, close to Stockholm (don't want to give exact location on public forum) Let me know if you're around and we'll grab some "fika" :)
  18. Lambo-Hunter

    Best City/Country in Europe for Online Entrepreneur

    Budapest in the summer is awesome! Great nightlife, Internet is good and there are lots of coworking spaces if you're into that.
  19. Lambo-Hunter

    EXECUTION I'm starting a marketing agancy

    $1500 per month is not a lot of money, hiring a fulltime marketing guy would cost more then double that. But to answer your question yes there are plenty of businesses that can afford and would benefit form this service. After all, my clients will always be making more money on this deal then...
  20. Lambo-Hunter

    EXECUTION Yet another ecom progress thread

    Get that pixel installed asap! it's the most important part. Start split testing different ads running engagement campaings. Don't touch it untill it's been running for atleast 1 week(think facebook says 10 days). Think of it like facebook trying to find the right audience, you want to do this...
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