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    I'm very good at scramble but I wish I did this. I found them when doing some such on it. When you rearrange the letters: DORMITORY: DIRTY ROOM PRESBYTERIAN: BEST IN PRAYER ASTRONOMER: MOON STARER DESPERATION: A ROPE ENDS IT THE EYES: THEY SEE GEORGE BUSH: HE BUGS GORE...

    Sounds like a business plan! rep++
  3. How To $save$ A Million

    ??? inflation, interests, economy, crisis, just to name a few,??? is this a train to a million while working on the way up an obtuse-angled corporate ladder?? i don't buy it.
  4. Entrepreneur's Creed

    I was thinking about something in this lines when following the politics, funny how this is never mentioned. Very strong words indeed. Clay+++
  5. Lots of new members

    *here?!?* I think most people who joined this month (January) are those who made new years' resolutions and while researching for specific q's and A's, found that some other top don positive thinker already asked, hence wanting to join the coolol'Club! I found it when I googled something to do...
  6. Tired of ...!

    "If you want something done right, do it yourself!", Forget the money-making programs and start learning on your own. Stop asking for directions when you have a GPS, just turn it on. No one here can tell you what to do, but yourself. If anything, ask for motivation and you will get it.
  7. I think Detroit is Dead

    I ran to the bank and counted at least 9 dealerships, new cars at that, this is Des Moines, IA and I'm just curious, where will all this "new 07's" go since its already 2008, what happens to the new 2006 models? How do dealerships acquire franchise to all those models, ie Betts:Volvo, Cadillac*...
  8. WEB/DIGITAL 7 reasons you will never make $ online

    I don't believe in an exit ramp into the dollar city. I wounder if anyone ever make money by just following an ad that reads "make money online, fast up to 10k a month for only one hour a day". I see those who make those ads making every dollar from them thou.
  9. Business-oriented networking/ professional

    Check this out if you haven't.
  10. I think Detroit is Dead

    I have a Chevy 3500 dually, If Nissan or Toyota would beat that with a turbo diesel, I'd be first the first to get. Personally, My daily drive is a German import but for the trucks I go for American, I think thats whats saving Detroit at some level. I think I see way too many camrys compared to...
  11. Gas price map of the US

    Thats a good one, I feel sorry for those who live in CalifornIA and New York, I guess they make more too. There should be a map like this to show Business/entrepreneurial opportunities. +
  12. Where do you get it?

    Knowledge is Power, and with knowledge comes the opportunity, and with the opportunity comes the cash (mostly) and hence people think money is power since with money, you can bypass the whole knowledge part and just hire someone to do the research for you. Just courage isn't enough, though it is...
  13. OFF-TOPIC Amphibious SUV I was reading about the aquada just this morning. I had seen a concept amphi-car in germany at an auto show back in 06.
  14. Trader Made Billions on Subprime

    He is personally liable to such an extent that he would have lost investors hence losing money. Look at his 07 take home pay and note the opposite would have been true. Thank God he didn't panic sell.
  15. INTRO You're from where??

    I think traveling should be on everybody's list of must do. I was surprised to learn that only the privileged few get the time/the resourses to travel, those who can afford it mostly don't have the time while those who do have the time don't have the resources.
  16. Howdy, from Wyoming

    90% of the threads here are informative, grab what you can and return the favor, remember to check out success stories, am yet to become active too so let me just say welcome!
  17. OFF-TOPIC What would you do?

    I see myself getting a brand new Enstrom 280C, I'm always fascinated by helicopters. I would start a helicopter dealership/flying-school (no money there just for fun!) but then again, i can afford an R22, but I'm still renting for my license for an already explained reason, Future! "live for...
  18. Bounce House rentals

    Do some serious, dedicated research (or homework), spend a few days exploring the market, rent one yourself, 'feel' it, get familiar with it, then check out how others are doing in your area (don't copy, authenticity and improvement is needed in every business) , add &/or subtract whatever you...
  19. Inspiration for those considering new year resolutions...

    Bill Lumbergh, I must say, is an example of how you can turn negative image into positive, fired up-mode motivation! Inspiration is the key to prosperity!
  20. INTRO You're from where??

    I'm originally from westlands, Nairobi Kenya(E.A), My primary residence is Bear, DE although I'm currently in Des Moines, IA for business (and caucuses, jp).
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