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  1. Healthfulness

    I will build you a website in exchange for a testimonial!

    Don't mean to bring you down, but these websites can literary be made in under 1 hour. You have taken basic divi template and just changed some text and/ or added some ready-made modules. Atleast finish them before offering to create them for others, because you're offerring business owners to...
  2. Healthfulness

    What books are you reading currently?

    Ca$vertising. Every aspiring copywriter's must-read. Anyone has other book recommendations related to copywriting?
  3. Healthfulness

    How turn ideas in business without money

    I can relate. Had the most amazing idea ever. Until I calculated how much it actually costs (product creation).. I simply did not have enough money to start it, so I had to figure out how to get that money using the resources I have. While I didn't have savings or high-paid job, I did have free...
  4. Healthfulness

    Flipping art.

    Oh. Not so well.. All paintings are still in my room. Auction places told that they are legit (meaning they are from 70s, 80s painted by danish artists), sadly they are too cheap for them. Tried posting in local marketplace and facebook marketplace, almost zero interest. I guess I'm going to...
  5. Healthfulness

    NOTABLE! Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    This is fun. Have pretty long list in just a few years. Right after high school - 12 hours shifts in glass fiber factory. *flashbacks of melting glass splashing. Had no breaks, job was really dangerous and unhealthy, not mentioning the glass fiber dust all over body. Did some other crap jobs...
  6. Healthfulness

    GOLD! How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months

    First of all. Thanks for the value here. Haven't gone trough all the posts, but I will. Massivelty appreciated! Here's the thing, I have aquired basic skills in designing websites, but I don't know programming. I am going to learn the basics, such as html, css and javascript, but outsource most...
  7. Healthfulness

    INTRO How to manage a sidewalk/ slowlane environment?

    Finally. Someone speaks about this. I've never been the "people-person" and always felt bit out of place for the same reason. 90% lifestyle is destructive as hell, therefore my social circle is very limited. From outside it's not that visible, but I dislike communicating with most people...
  8. Healthfulness

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    I'm staying low here. Reading, learning and slowly building my projects, but this year I will rise! 1. Launch my online business in a week or two and get it to a level, that it sustains me , no matter where I'm located. Make enough until summer that I can pay rent, food and other basic stuff...
  9. Healthfulness

    INTRO Palm oil market

    Forget about it. Most people avoid it for environmental reasons. Big companies are already removing palm oil from their products.
  10. Healthfulness

    GET TO COLLEGE! (Because I failed at business.)

    Sorry. My bad. I'm in Denmark and I get paid to study there. Shortly, the whole point was that I've seen examples where people quit studies and then end up working shit jobs, because they can't handle the real entrepreuner struggle. After studies, there's atleast safety net, meaning if business...
  11. Healthfulness

    GET TO COLLEGE! (Because I failed at business.)

    I definitely agree with the OP. There are far too many "entrepreuners" who drop out school without having real idea what to do, but only "I don't wan't to be slave, I'll be an entrepreuner". Few months, often even years later they are grinding in some horrible physical labor intensive job and...
  12. Healthfulness

    GOLD! Newbies and Wantrepreneurs, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!

    I'm bit busy to write long paragraphs now, but I really wan't @MJ DeMarco and all other contributors to know that for someone like me, who's just starting out, this is a goldmine. And for anyone else too, broke student, multi millionare? Doesn't matter, You can learn here and You can contribute...
  13. Healthfulness

    Crushing the Comfort Zone

    I train for triathlon mainly for mindset benefits. Perfect comfort zone-breaker, especially with training buddies who are better than You. Any endurance event (running marathons, road cycling, all kind of ultra races) will make You more mentally tough and help to push trough challenges in both...
  14. Healthfulness


    Damn. Okay, I'll be honest. I'm studying and part time working, have small online business on the side and preparing for next one (bigger, atleast that's the plan). As I am in nice country I get money from school + salary + money from my online business (not much). If I wouldn't be in school I...
  15. Healthfulness


    You're just jealous of someone working "only" 8-10 hours a day and making whopping 1000$ ! *Edit . Didn't mean to be offending, but there is no excellence in doing surveys and $hit for 1000$ a month working full time. If I would be back in my home country (Eastern Europe) then It's pretty cool...
  16. Healthfulness

    RANT Why is everyone forcing me to get good grades and saying I won’t be successful otherwise?

    Just my 2 cents here. If You can't get decent grades in school, entrepreunership won't be easy for You. School and university is so much easier than any kind of business. If You can't learn what's neccessary to get good grades, then either You're lazy or Your learning proccess is very wrong...
  17. Healthfulness

    Introverts vs Extroverts (The forum is mostly introverts?)

    Introvert to the maximum, but I function so well that most people think I'm extrovert. Honestly I just wan't to live deep in the forest with online business, but while I'm working towards that I will be as "extravorted" as neccessary.
  18. Healthfulness

    Feedback on Landing Page/MVP

    Sorry, but yeah, kinda, it's basic and doesn't look modern and exciting. Nowadays that won't work too well. I also had somewhat self-made page, but design wasn't perfect, 50$ for fiverr guy and request "make it look nice" did wonders, difference is amazing. It's really not that big of an...
  19. Healthfulness

    Feedback on Landing Page/MVP

    Not sure about the idea, but go on and hire someone to redesign the site. I did that and the result exceeded my expectations 10 times alteast. I paid 100$ for more complex project, so your's could work with 50$. It's really worth it and neccessary in this case.
  20. Healthfulness

    Superb Caricature of the Slowlane

    As I'm working part time job in a warehouse while studying (and building business) this hits right in the feels. It's really depressing, repetitive, mind numbing place and so many people have accepted that as their reality and even worse, they are not even planning to change anything. It's...
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