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  1. Morgan77

    O/T: HEALTH Am I depressed, lost or just lazy?

    Recall the feedback loop in unscripted. I'm sure you'll find helping people and being of value incredibly rewarding and turn that into a passion. I'm a part time ski instructor and i love it when i see such improvement in someones skiing with my help.
  2. Morgan77


    My favourite book to date, loved it! Great work and many thanks for putting this out there, will absolutely be recommending it.
  3. Morgan77


    Just finished reading this all during free time at my 9-5 and i loved it! Thanks for sharing @biophase. Hopefully by replying some of the newer people on this forum similar to myself will be able to read this gold.
  4. Morgan77

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Been on my journey for 5 months, read the book a couple weeks ago and loved it, decided to join the forum the other day and it's crazy how good this place is. Thanks, @MJ DeMarco

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