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  1. adaaaam


    Just finished Unscripted over the weekend. Loved the philosophical bent this one had, not to mention the looser use of foul language, which keeps one engaged ;) Definitely a valuable dive into the mindset behind The Millionaire Fastlane.
  2. adaaaam

    INTRO Merging into the fastlane...

    Thanks! I’m probably going to join Insiders soon and start logging progress there.
  3. adaaaam

    INTRO Merging into the fastlane...

    Yep, working on that mindset currently - delayed gratification in the financial domain. Was embarrassed of my resemblance to the guy from your limo story (Clooney, IIRC) - instead of the Vette, I opted for a Porsche Boxster at graduation. Not quite ready to give it up yet, but will be...
  4. adaaaam

    INTRO Merging into the fastlane...

    Thanks! It’s a mobile app now, but planning a web version as well.
  5. adaaaam

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just finished it! Loved to finally see someone mention the oddity of gurus telling you to get rich one way, when they did it another way... Reminded me of Taleb Skin in the Game articles.
  6. adaaaam

    INTRO Merging into the fastlane...

    Hi, I'm Adam from Dallas, TX. Don't usually join forums but felt this one was too important not to participate. I read MFL over the past week or so, after seeing it mentioned in a success story article, and loved the attitude. I'd toyed around with some 4HWW-esque drop-shipping sites, but...

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