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  1. Quim Baig

    HOT TOPIC Will the Wuhan Coronavirus kill us all? (Hyperbole, but a discussion)

    In case somebody is interested in the real-time progression of the coronavirus.Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS Is appears that the vast majority (81%) of the cases globally are in the Chinese region of Hubei.
  2. Quim Baig

    INTRO Introducing me, buying a tourism marketplace

    It was a startup idea wannabe (I guess). They even attempted to raise money from investors. You know, just graduated from college youngsters who want to build something. Right now they found something more interesting to work in, and want to pass their previous work to somebody who can make...
  3. Quim Baig

    INTRO Introducing me, buying a tourism marketplace

    I thought to offer them 250€. Too much?? 125€ at the moment of the sale and the rest 125€ periodically as long as they keep transferring the know-how and providing me useful insights. Right now the business is run by 4 people and I believe they are valuable so I want to slightly keep them...
  4. Quim Baig

    INTRO Introducing me, buying a tourism marketplace

    They have run only one FB ad with great success according to them. I have checked their website and they do not have the FB pixel installed so they do not register that much data from the visitors. This is an area with a lot of space for improvement. On the other hand, they have experiences in...
  5. Quim Baig

    INTRO Introducing me, buying a tourism marketplace

    Thanks MJ for replying. Such a nice surprise:peace:the numbers are the followings: 200 visits a day. They have their blog very well positioned with SEO, and then they lead the clients to buy the experiences. They earn 20% per sale, the other 80% goes to the host. 100 purchases in the last 10...
  6. Quim Baig

    How to find local millionaires willing to mentor you for free?

    Could you explain a little bit more those experiences?? Thank you
  7. Quim Baig

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book, and now I hate working for somebody else, which brought me a huge frustration in my 9-5. I guess that is the trigger to start something by myself.
  8. Quim Baig

    INTRO Introducing me, buying a tourism marketplace

    Hi there, My name is Joaquin and I am a young entrepreneur who wants to reach financial freedom. I am located in sunny Barcelona on the east coast of Spain. I have launched my first business when I was 16. It was a pay per click website. And in 2018 I tried dropshipping. My educational...

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