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    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2020?

    I believe in micro goal setting, so I want to earn my first 100 dollars online. I have started learning web development. And started learning HTML and CSS on Codecademy and Freecodecamp. And already built 2 static web pages. After mastering HTML and CSS I will start freelancing. I am also...
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    MARKETPLACE Lex DeVille's - Advanced Freelance Udemy Courses!

    Just Enrolled to "Start a Freelance Business: Take back your freedom Now" Thanks! @Lex DeVille... I know nothing special(though have some basic info) about copywriting, but I dont want to live my whole life as an Ignorant. "Your eyes and your ears don't get you in trouble, but your ignorance...
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    INTRO Hii..

    I am Pavan M. 23 age. Engineering graduate. Following my dreams... From India. I have read Unscripted & The Millionare Fastlane.

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