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  1. LPPC

    Brandname vs product name

    Hello people, I am stuck on the following. I do e-commerce and right now I only sell 2 products on Amazon and don't have my own online shop or anything (planned for the future). I have not even chosen the niche that I want to work on for the long term and I am planning to sell more products...
  2. LPPC

    Pricing product (on Amazon) for maximum profit

    Hi people, I am selling this product on Amazon with little competition. I am trying to figure out at what price to sell it for. The idea was to measure every week how much I sell for X price and then decide which pricing gives the most profit. The problem I have is that even if I don't change...
  3. LPPC

    Your opinion - Alibaba Trade Assurance case

    Hello people, I tried my best to keep it short. I would really appreciate your viewpoint on this, even if you don't know about Alibaba Trade Assurance. I think nobody knows the exact rules, but maybe some common sense answers from you guys might point in the right direction. I ordered FCL...
  4. LPPC

    Competitors playing dirty on Amazon

    Hello all, Some advice would be really appreciated on the following situation. I am selling this product on Amazon that comes in different sizes and with different specs (electronic product). The size of the product, the battery capacity and material of the product are major selling points...
  5. LPPC

    Does offering too many sizes lead to loss of sales?

    Hi all, I am selling this night lamp on Amazon and it comes in different sizes. Right now I am selling 3 different sizes of it and I was wondering whether it would be wise to add 2 more sizes: one smaller than the smallest right now and one bigger than the biggest I am offering right now...
  6. LPPC

    $5000 products imported: damaged packaging and not meeting what I requested

    Hello people, Entrepreneurship comes with its obstacles to be overcome, and this is one of them. I would greatly appreciate your opinion/view on this and I hope @Walter Hay can chime in on this too. My inventory that came from China arrived in my home country and I found a couple of things...
  7. LPPC

    Supplier sends an awful batch - what can be expected?

    Hello all, Christmas has been a very busy month and this has caused me to rush things and not think clearly because of the mental exhaustion. Warning to all the people who import: please order 1 sample first when dealing with a new product/supplier and always write a PO (contract) for your...
  8. LPPC

    Situation with supplier - what would you do?

    Hi all, I will try to keep it short. What would you think is the right choice in this situation? I know in the end it is my decision, but some viewpoints would be useful. I had ordered inventory with this supplier from China and they sent the goods via DHL Express through a forwarder that they...
  9. LPPC

    Finding the manufacturer of a certain product

    Hello fellow fastlaners, I hope everyone is doing well here. I myself am searching for an ideal supplier (in China) of a certain product. Ideal means that I want to find a real manufacturer of the product. This would have advantages like being more sure of continues supply and lower price. I...
  10. LPPC

    Ecommerce gurus, what would you do in this case?

    -edit- You don't really have to be a guru to answer :p Hi all, Currently I'm dropshipping a couple products on Amazon that are selling and I'm manually fulfilling these orders (takes lots of time every day). Next step for me would be to import these same products and have it fulfilled by...
  11. LPPC

    Selling electronics (nightlamp) on Amazon - warranty

    Hi people, I have read multiple times that importing electronics (and selling it on Amazon) is a bad idea because of return rates and what to do with defective items. I am looking to import for the very first time and it is a LED night lamp, not a very complicated item and thus not many parts...
  12. LPPC

    Market research for preferred size of product

    Hi all! I'm looking to import a product which comes in different sizes (non-clothing) and launch it on Amazon. Right now there is only 1 competitor selling this product and he is providing 1 size of it. I can choose 1 out of 5 sizes to launch. To determine which size is the most preferred by...
  13. LPPC

    Importing and launching a product: test order important?

    Hi all, Currently I am dropshipping a product on Amazon that is selling. I am the third seller of this product. I am planning to import a branded version of this product that is better than all the three versions of this product selling on Amazon. I've read @Walter Hay 's book on importing and...
  14. LPPC

    Bought inventory from a known brand - is this acceptable?

    Hey people, This is the first time I've bought inventory, and it's a product from a known brand. I'm reselling it. Today I inspected the products and I saw that the stickers that hold the front of the packaging to the back is often loose and looks like opened. Here is a picture: It often...
  15. LPPC

    How much inspection costs when importing?

    Hey guys, I would appreciate a little help from you guys with some experience in importing. I want to go travel but still be able to import products to the Netherlands from China while traveling and I'm wondering whether that is possible for me. The thing that determines that is mostly how much...
  16. LPPC

    Dropshipping vs Amazon FBA

    Hello fastlaners, I am currently dropshipping on Amazon with a very reliable dropshipper. I don't have my own inventory as of now and have never used Amazon FBA before. I have to decide whether it is better for me to have my own inventory/do FBA instead of dropshipping. I have 12K USD to work...
  17. LPPC

    Becoming a reseller for a brand

    Hello people, I want to become a reseller for an established brand in the baby niche and start with ordering 100 pieces of one of their products. This brand sells products worldwide and I want to become a reseller for my country and it already has a distributor/wholesaler in my country. I want...
  18. LPPC

    Finding a market/audience for paid traffic

    Dear folks, I'm setting up an eCommerce store combined with paid advertising. How would you go about finding an audience/market that: - is huge - is passionate - has a lot of money to spend (ideally too much money to spend) - preferably does impulse buying Are there any methods to do this...
  19. LPPC

    Paid traffic to your own store VS Amazon for eCommerce

    Hi all, Now that I've graduated, I have time again to resume my journey in eCommerce. Currently I'm trying to find a product to sell on my shopify store. The plan is to start off with sending paid Facebook traffic to my store to make sales. I'm testing different products to see which one sells...
  20. LPPC

    PPE Video Ad missing options

    Hi all! I want to run a PPE video ad on facebook. I remember that I used to have the options ''link headline'', ''Display link'' and ''Description'' for video ads on PPE. Now when I try to create the ad in Power Editor or Page Post (dark post), these options are not available. They are only...

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