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    WEB/DIGITAL citysearch vs. yelp vs. burrp vs. trusted places

    What platform do you find most appealing and what would you change in the function or aesthetics for the one you had chosen?
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    I take my meat seriously. Anybody else here on FL? I started this hobby project last week and it's still in the works. Would love to hear input regarding your steak experiences. Check out some of the recipes, let me know how they turn out for you! - Premier Steak Discussion...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Hobby for me, possible opportunity for you.

    As my involvement in a current project consumes my life, I am unable input the required time I feel necessary in making some of my hobby domains successful. At the same time, I do not want to keep them stagnant. With this being said, I propose the idea of taking on like-minded partners in...
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    For those of you here in NYC - Free Federal Procurement Seminar

    got this in the mail for those of you who want to learn the basics of trying to contract with fed and state. Take advantage... e-mail c/p'd below: -------------------------------------------------- Congressman Edolphus "Ed" Towns Presents . . . A New York 10th District Federal Procurement...
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    OFF-TOPIC FastLane Forum Booster proposal interest?

    As many of us have started our own online communities/forums, we all know how difficult it is to attain traffic to a site that has just been started. Whether our sole purpose is for hobby, monetization or whatever it may be, it isn't possible to lead with out example. Most of us have come across...
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    Another one of my hobby projects launched a couple of days ago. Fastlane is the first ounce of exposure for this project aside from a TAZ intro. Would love to have and would appreciate member presence from lambo enthusiasts here at fastlane. I know many of you...
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    OFF-TOPIC Supercar and exotic owners check out my project

    One of my hobby projects i would like to share with exotic auto owners on this forum. Please feel free to join and play around. It is currently still in testing phase and has not yet been mass exposed to any large communities YET. Still trying to catch bugs...
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    Thread For Easy Approval Business Credit

    This thread is for primarily for those who are looking to establish their line of business credit. I share my experiences with you and please contribute to the list if you can. It is an assumption that you possess your company's tax id or ein. Keep in mind I applied around 8 months ago, so I do...
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    Anybody operating in clothing/textile industry?

    e-commerce, b&m, wholesale and/or retailers, I would like to start a support thread for sales strategies, approaching buyers/distributors, tradeshows. Any input is appreciated.
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    My first time filing taxes for sole prop LLC!

    It will be my first time filing taxes as a sole proprietor LLC. I formed my LLC in may of 07, but have NOT YET started operating ($0.00) earnings. I anticipate the start of operation this upcoming May. I can only account for start up costs. Depreciating assets such as hardware, e-services...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Experienced outstanding outcome with outsourced solutions?

    In hopes of starting the design process of a long awaited project, I recently posted at elance. For those of you not familiar with elance, the process begins with you stating your project and budget, with a hopeful reciprocation of designers/firms placing "bids" for the job offer. I had made...

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