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  1. FreedomVibes

    O/T: HEALTH Turning 26 - No W2 Job - Health Insurance Options?

    Hey All, I live in the US and turn 26 next month, so am being pushed off my parents health insurance plan. I no longer work for a large company after quitting last summer, but do own a few small businessess that bring in small income, as well as savings in the bank. Any suggestions on what to...
  2. FreedomVibes

    Anyone have a CPA they recommend?

    Hi All, Does anyone have a CPA they'd recommend? I am based in NY, United States, but am willing to work with a CPA in another state. I previously used a CPA that was real estate focused (and wasn't quite happy with the job he did). But as the years passed, I've added two businesses to the...
  3. FreedomVibes

    AdWords for Lead Gen - Hire Out or DIY? What Would You Do?

    Hi All, A bit of a background - I am in the works of growing the commercial side of my business (selling physical products with commercial applications to businesses) and am going through @Andy Black's adwords posts (thank you Andy for the wealth of information) to learn how I can use Adwords...
  4. FreedomVibes

    Customer Service Program/Software/App for startup Ecommerce site?

    Hi All, I have gotten to the point in my shopify ecommerce store where I am spending alot of time taking care of customer service requests. I am looking to outsource this aspect so I can spend more time on other efforts within the business. I am looking to outsource this aspect to a VA...
  5. FreedomVibes

    WEB/DIGITAL Dropshipping - how to handle multiple suppliers and inventory

    Hi All, Question for those who dropship, and use more than 1 supplier per site 1)How do you automate inventory management? Are there apps that arent $250 a month for this? 2) How do you automate sending the right orders to the right suppliers? Thanks!
  6. FreedomVibes

    INTRO Hello All from NYC

    Hi Everyone, So excited to be a part of the forums. A brief introduction - I am 24 years old, grew up in New York City, and currently working to build the life I want to live. I graduated college 2 years ago, and was lucky enough to land a well paying and fairly stress less job in financial...

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