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  1. Harry Waywell

    For the CEO's of the group, do you ever find yourself struggling to fall asleep because your mind is constantly on overdrive?

    It's so easy to let all the responsibilities and pressures get on top of you, what is your experience?
  2. Harry Waywell

    Does anyone end up taking on too many clients and feel overwhelmed sometimes?

    This is usually accompanied by a never ending "to-do" list, and long nights thinking over the "What if's"
  3. Harry Waywell

    Does anyone find that the pressure and responsibility of entrepreneurship makes you feel overwhelmed?

    The mentality is like "I'll take it all" and "I want to do everything now". It's like you're afraid of missing opportunities and slacking off.
  4. Harry Waywell

    Does anyone spend a significant amount of time over thinking things?

    I've noticed that with all the possibilities and decisions, we entrepreneurs tend to overthink things too much. Even when not working, we think about work.
  5. Harry Waywell

    Hello people! Does anyone find that taking on too much work makes you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

    Taking on too much work, wanting to do it all now, having the responsibility of it all. Does anyone relate?
  6. Harry Waywell

    INTRO Hello Everyone!

    I'm Harry, I'm a meditation coach. Looking forward to sharing ideas and growing with everyone!

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