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  1. Allthingznew

    OFF-TOPIC Livescribe- Computer in a pen

    Pretty cool Christmas gift? Maybe for yourself? LiveScribe Demo at D5 - AOL Video
  2. Allthingznew

    The Psychology of Persuasion

    Dr. Robert Cialdini is the author of The Psychology of Persuasion and there is about a 40 min lecture he recently gave here. Good stuff to apply to all kinds of business.
  3. Allthingznew

    Ice Road Truckers

    Some here may be familiar with ice road trucking, but some may not. This clip has a bit of the story of the guy who got it started. Truly entrepreneurial thought. It never occurred to him he couldn't do it. Ice Road Truckers Video Gallery
  4. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL Google Chrome

    I was wondering if anyone has used it and if so if they have any comments about it. I'm on a Mac and it's still in beta for Windows only. If you've tried it, what do you think?
  5. Allthingznew

    Tim Ferris on TV

    This could be interesting YouTube - Sneak Peek - Tim Ferriss TV Debut, 12/4 "Trial by Fire"
  6. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL For Twitter Users

    Came across this site recently which allows you to follow a complete Twitter conversation. Type in the name you want to see. Also, you can search tweets by topic, which has great marketing advantages. Follow Twitter Conversations -
  7. Allthingznew

    OFF-TOPIC Iphone Users, What Apps Do You Like?

    I recently joined the ranks of Iphone users, and I've done some browsing in the App store. For movie goers, I found an App called "Showtimes" which will bring up all the theaters in the area you're in and lists the movies and showtimes for the day, and it's free. I got it, and it seems to work...
  8. Allthingznew

    New Strategies for a New Economy

    I've been gone a lot from the boards for about 2 months now and I'm sure I've misses a lot of good stuff. I've browsed around some and I don't see where anyone has brought this up, so I thought I'd start this topic. One question I think may be valuable to discuss is have the recent economic...
  9. Allthingznew

    HOT TOPIC Shocked and Appalled with Advanta Credit Card

    I just got off the phone with Advanta, and I must warn you, I am lit. I have a business credit card with them which I recommended here and I retract now! I have always paid early, yes I said ALWAYS, and usually more than the minimum. I had a 7.99 interest rate. YES I SAID HAD! I just...
  10. Allthingznew

    Health Insurance

    Occasionally while driving I will listen to the Clark Howard show. He's not fastlane, but he does have some good tidbits at times. This is from his website and touches on one thing he had to say today: I'm sure there will be some who will say yeah, I knew that, but this is news to me and I'd...
  11. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL Keyword/Niche Google Trends Tool

    I just came across this tool. At first look it looks like the normal wordtracker, but once you've performed a search, if you click on the bar graph in the last column under "G", it will show you the number of actual visitors a day to the number on ranked site. I'm sure there is a lot more...
  12. Allthingznew

    HOT TOPIC Does the Author of the Post Change the Way You Receive the Info?

    Edit by ATW ~ This conversation was origionally started in the Spelling thread. I'd be curious to know what the lady in the example review would say if she were on this forum and the example was from someone other than her. Would it bother her?
  13. Allthingznew

    Still in Beta

    Came across this today. It's still in beta, but looks like a handy tool to keep track of pretty much anything. Both online and off.
  14. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL What resources for copywriting?

    Mntman recently communicated the importance of having good copy and I had been in search of a source for learning to write good copy and I just came across this site It appears to have a lot of good free info available, but I also wanted to ask if anyone had any...
  15. Allthingznew

    Does Sex Matter?

    We all know there are distinct differences between the sexes and both have strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone here has the perspective of both sexes because either they're not a couple building a business together or they're not partnered in business with someone of the opposite sex, or...
  16. Allthingznew

    Shades of Gray

    Some people see the world in black and white, and for many others there are varying shades of gray in between. Everyone is pretty clear on some things that are right or wrong, like murder is wrong, bank robbery is wrong etc. But there are many things that people have their own standards on...
  17. Allthingznew

    Napoleon Hill video

    For the many people here who have read "Think and Grow Rich", the author himself on video:
  18. Allthingznew

    Unused Credit Cards Closed by Issuer, Does it Matter?

    According to this article, it can negatively impact not only your ability to use the credit when you need it, but it will have a negative impact on your credit score. Good reason to stay on top of what's in your wallet.
  19. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL New York to start charging internet sales tax on large retailers

    Beginning June 1 according to this article

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