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  1. Kepler

    Jordan Belfort’s Sales Training - Worth It?

    It’s on my list of things to do as well, but I aim to write a whole book on this technique and the different applications of it to gain control and keep control of the conversation, conversation structure/ people’s expectations, and how to always be closing using the technique
  2. Kepler

    Jordan Belfort’s Sales Training - Worth It?

    1. I used to manage a call center, I recommend a 3 step solution to each response. The steps are: Statement, Question, Silence. 2. When would you like to hear a post expanding on these ideas? 3. (Be silent, don’t say a word no matter how long it takes. It’s a duel of who will break the...
  3. Kepler

    EXECUTION How to get a 1 year 0% APR loan for your business

    Well do it to a large publicly held company that pushes socialistic views through their policies and political donations, it’s exactly what they represent and should be ok with if they are actively pursuing socialism :rofl::rofl::rofl: (*Cough Cough Apple, Microsoft*)
  4. Kepler

    EXECUTION How to get a 1 year 0% APR loan for your business

    It isn’t a cash advance though :rofl: I would never recommend a cash advance. I don’t see how it breaks any rules either or walks talks or quacks like a duck. 1. The credit balance on the card is still there to be paid off to the bank 2. The store has their products back, and your return fit...
  5. Kepler

    Taking a loan for my business

    Apple store is an easy place to rack up a big bill with a few items. if they ask the reason for the return just say your company didn’t receive the funding you were expecting and couldn’t go forward with your expansion.
  6. Kepler

    Taking a loan for my business

    Lol one of my friends did it to get $10,000 to start his ecom company. just make sure the store has a good return policy. I don’t see why it would be illegal, the lender still gets paid back, and you Still took out credit.
  7. Kepler

    How do I go Fastlane as an Attorney?

    Pick a service that you offer, which you could sub out to your fellow lawyers or paralegals. Offer it at a flat rate and market the service bundle like it’s a product. Sit back and collect money as referrals
  8. Kepler

    Taking a loan for my business

    Credit cards with 0% APR for one year, if you need cash to put into the company buy stuff with the credit card and a little on a debit card. then return the stuff and have them put the refund all on the debit card. then take the cash and put it in your business account. hope that helps some.
  9. Kepler

    Question about this Upwork review

    Another good hack is save up some money and pay yourself for a few projects to boost your reputation and hourly rate.
  10. Kepler

    (ECOM) Do you make these 3 mistakes with your email marketing subject lines?

    To add to this use good copywriting and don’t use the words (I, Our, We, My, Ours) make your writing them centric, and remember they are thinking WIIFM (what’s in it for me), so talking about you is not synonymous with their frame of thinking in the moment. Imagine going on a first date and...
  11. Kepler

    How should beginner web designers get big results for clients?

    The other thing to consider is finding someone who does a fantastic job at what you wish to sell to people, and leverage their reputation and portfolio of work to overcome the lack of experience obstacles. After collaborating on enough projects you will have a decent reputation and portfolio of...
  12. Kepler

    How should beginner web designers get big results for clients?

    I just believe if you make good quality relevant content on the regular for your market it’s naturally going to rank decently in SEO. I agree you should diversify your streams of attracting clients. I may have misspoken when I said I don’t believe in SEO. I should have said I don’t believe in...
  13. Kepler

    How should beginner web designers get big results for clients?

    I don’t like relying on SEO because it violates the rule of CONTROL, google controls the algorithm and changes it frequently because they don’t want people to use it to rank hi and want them to pay for their ads. but to each their own.
  14. Kepler

    Tutoring/education business

    Exactly just a short sweet sales page to coincide with your flyers
  15. Kepler

    How should beginner web designers get big results for clients?

    Technically Landing pages are websites And can be a home page too. landing pages are just where your traffic is directed to land. but I assumed you meant sales page when you said landing page and responded accordingly
  16. Kepler

    How should beginner web designers get big results for clients?

    Landing pages are the most important things they make the money for things. Home pages are vanity pages that return customers and the companies CEO’s look at. all you need is a solid landing page, a good offer, good copy, and one conversion goal for the page with nothing on the page unrelated...
  17. Kepler

    An honest post: My mental block, but I'm trying to break out

    Nobody worth anything cares what color you are man. If you provide value to someone in need of it they will lend you their business. It sounds like you have what I call shiny ball syndrome (I’ve been there before), it’s basically where you have all these ideas and you dabble a little in each...
  18. Kepler

    How do you keep an app idea from being stolen?

    @hawktoy85 By hiring my company to build it and a solid NDA. :rofl: Just kidding, but if you want to learn the ins and outs of software development when contracting it out DM me your email and I’ll send you a presentation with tons of helpful info. I highly recommend you get mock ups done and...
  19. Kepler

    Any advice on how to get clients as a mobile app developer?

    Give people information about the development process, and how to get accurate quotes. I own a software development agency and we made a 40 page presentation detailing the ins and outs of the whole process people should expect. (Development phases, why mock ups are important, why project...

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