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  1. Bdenner64

    NOTABLE! We're all on the highway, and you're already near the front

    Not much more to add here. I think you've pretty much said it all as this post reads beautifully. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Bdenner64

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit, Confirmed Speakers

    Really sad that I won't be able to go again this time around but the list of speakers and topics looks incredibly good. To everyone attending - have fun and enjoy!
  3. Bdenner64

    MEETUPS Colorado/Denver Lunch Meeting

    Ditto, the day-job makes it hard to venture too far but I'm in Boulder county and more than happy to meet-up.
  4. Bdenner64

    O/T: HEALTH [BENCH PRESS] Does this mess up your chest in the long run?

    People have already mentioned pushups. There are also dips - which are incredibly good for chest development and can be infinitely loaded up with a weight belt. Hop on the parallel bars and do these properly, you'll feel it the next day for sure. When it comes to advanced...
  5. Bdenner64

    OFF-TOPIC [Car enthusiasts] What is your car, what are the mods you've done to it ?

    2012 Subaru WRX Hatchback Limited 2.5L 4-Cylinder engine with ~270 hp, 5 speed manual. I've purposely kept this car pretty close to stock as it's super hard to find one in good condition, lower miles and without a history of mods (like mine). I've just added a few mods, mostly aesthetic like...
  6. Bdenner64

    Completely stuck again with my business

    Spread yourself thin? Your complaining about having 14+ hours of extra time that you don't know what to do with. Seems like you ain't spread thinly enough. The real problems come when the opposite is true and you don't have enough time to do everything.
  7. Bdenner64

    NOTABLE! How do you stop hating yourself?

    Instead of hating myself, I choose to hate who I currently am and strive to become a person I can love tomorrow. Not fighting the negativity; using it as the never-ending, always-on source of internal motivation that it can be.
  8. Bdenner64

    Web & Advertising Analytics Recommendation?

    @WillHurtDontCare 'Online ads' is really broad - tactics, channels, and goals vary widely. Can you be more specific as to the channel (search/social) and goal of the ads (awareness/sales)?
  9. Bdenner64

    OFF-TOPIC The Netherlands

    What the f*ck is going on? That is all.
  10. Bdenner64

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit at Talking Stick Resort... Event Info

    Round 2! I'd be happy to speak about paid advertising. Here are a few topic ideas: 1. advertising fundamentals - get your paid search or social ads build on a solid foundation 2. how to manipulate the most important metric in advertising - conversion rate 3. leveraging automation and...
  11. Bdenner64

    PROPERTY Management Marketing Strategy?

    I'd even go as far as to say it's not a USP. What business doesn't involve automation anymore?
  12. Bdenner64

    EXECUTION 0$ to 1000000$ in 12 Months! (Ride Along)

    You don't own the idea. You weren't the first one to think about it and you weren't the one who executed on it. There have been much bigger, more capital intensive businesses launched by founders who didn't have the money - that's the point of fundraising.
  13. Bdenner64

    The one thing missing from Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship

    I'm not religious at all and have never read the bible. But I'm pretty sure everyone just misconstrues the text regarding money. From my understanding, the text aims to make you into a good person, money doesn't change the person but instead magnifies their impact. So, bad person with money is...
  14. Bdenner64

    HOT TOPIC The 90 Day Focus Challenge

    This reminds me of the phase 1/2/3 parts of Andy's full livehard program (75hard is phase 0). He starts to throw in his powerlist which is his version of a daily to-do list
  15. Bdenner64

    OFF-TOPIC Popeyes Sandwich: Amazing Product, Marketing, or a Bit of Both?

    Love that you shared this. If this was indeed some marketing team's ploy than that its a brilliant case-study in guerrilla marketing. Reddit is overflowing with meme content around this- where did it originate? I believe the team that did ‘Bird Box’ marketing for the Netflix movie played...
  16. Bdenner64

    GOLD! Quit my job, living in the fastlane. (How I Set Myself Up To Quit)

    Love it @Envision After meeting you last year I know you've earned this. Congratz.

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