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  1. M

    RANT The concept of VALUE - a frustrated outlook.

    INTRODUCTION First of all, since this is my first post on here, I'd like to give @MJ DeMarco a shout-out for his two incredibly well written books that have helped many people, including myself. While reading the books (especially UNSCRIPTED), a lot of my suspicions and observations about the...
  2. S


    In TMF @MJ DeMarco says that the basics of economy and finance are very important to contrast the financial illiteracy. Moreover,financial bases(what's a bond ; Calculation of an interest rate; why bonds rise or fall and so on...)are useful to invest in trading or in a brokerage agency...
  3. DanTom47

    A fruit a day keeps the doctor away (business idea)

    This idea popped into my mind a couple of nights ago. I was thinking about the excessive use of coffee and snacks during breaks/conferances/meetings at working hours. It seems like everyone rushes to grab a cup of coffee and something sweet without actually thinking about how it affects our...
  4. S

    INTRO A team joining this forum

    Hello all, I would like to say thank you to the admins for accepting this account. This site has plenty of great resources and I have only been looking for less than an hour. It's enlightening to see a space for like-minded people. Based on my username, you can tell this is a company name. But...
  5. VIDAA

    Has anyone worked with a Life Coach? - Survey

    Greeting Everyone! I am brainstorming ideas on an interactive platform for the Life Coaching industry and have created a very short survey. Your inputs would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. francevalue

    O/T: HEALTH What do YOU think about "designer babies"? (genetically modified babies)

    Hey! I hope y'all are good. It's a trendy subject, and if you don't know about it here, here you go: Designer Babies: Gene-Editing and the Controversial Use of CRISPR What do you think about it? Should it be strictly regulated? Forbidden? Or encouraged? Would you personnaly use it? Have a...
  7. MetalGear

    Real Estate Summits and Conferences

    Have any of you ever gone to the following REI events? PNW Big Bad-a$$ Real Estate Wealth Expo: BiggerPockets Conference: 2019 BiggerPockets Conference (waiting for 2020 location and dates) I am considering going to both, but will definitely go to the...
  8. BrandonS85

    $70,490.35 In January

    I'm really hoping this doesn't come across too salesy, but here goes anyway. Had my best month ever : I've been running my real estate company, laundromats and now documenting the whole process on youtube. Revenue was 60:40 in favor of my brick & mortar stuff, but youtube is exploding. It's...
  9. J

    Rent out my mailing list?

    I own a successful e-commerce company since 2010, we have a mailing list with tens of thousands of customers for our hobby industry. I've been surprised to see not too much info on renting your mailing list out online, plenty on how to rent one yourself but not rent out. I'd like to rent as...
  10. B

    taking financial risks to grow your business...any wisdom here?

    Hi y'all, I recently posted a thread about needing some resources on how to MARKET and PRE-SELL an online course (I already built a course and know the ins and outs of making that work...but it flopped on sales). Then, Fox recommended a course which is $1000 bucks. If I spent that money right...
  11. MakeItHappen

    The one time Kobe Bryant let himself go a little bit...

    “When I first retired, I let myself go a little a bit. ... And then the challenge was, can I get back in shape?” Without an end goal, like an NBA Championship or an MVP award, “it’s really hard, To motivate himself, Bryant set specific, measurable goals. “For me, it was, ‘OK, I have to aim for...
  12. B

    Looking for a course on how to market/sell an online this the right thread?

    Hi y'all, I currently teach a full schedule one-on-one clients as well as a group class for singing, and I'm looking for affordable courses on how to sell and market and online course. I already built a course, no one bought it. So now I have to figure out how to pre-sell a course (to make...
  13. Gauti256

    Affiliate marketing

    Hey I started affiliate marketing through clickbank can anyone here guide me
  14. B

    INTRO Hello, vocal coach here working on courses. Would love input!

    Hi y'all, If you have any programs/books/etc you can recommend on selling online courses (especially how to validate your course idea and get some pre-sales) I'm all ears! There seems to be a lot of B.S. on that all over the internet though. I'm Chris, I teach voice lessons & piano lessons...
  15. VicFountain

    RANT Guess I wasted an entire year

    So yeah, it's almost one year since I started my blog. I know, I know, MJ repeatedly mentioned in his books: "Don't start a blog". However, as a young kid, it seemed like a cool idea not so much to make big profits, but to get some "Fastlane" experience. As a matter of fact, I chose a topic...
  16. Groshmak

    Compilations of Life Lessons

    Hey, I create motivational videos. If you have a famous person which lessons you want to see incorporated into a video, feel free to message me. Here are some lessons of success and failure, including George RR Martin, Will Smith, Elon Mus, Denzel Washington,...
  17. N

    Put all of my money into the SP500, this last year did well but I don't know how to diversify.

    Last year I put a fair sum of money into the SP500, VFIAX to be exact. I've had nothing but great returns but I really take no credit for it. I picked the easiest, most common stock (at least in terms of advice I had been given) went all in and waited. What else was I to do, just let it sit in...
  18. DanTom47

    INTRO My journey starts now!

    Hello! Been on this forum for a while but never really took the time to create an account, but here i am! A little bit about me. I am 21 years old currently studying my second year in mechanical engineering. Since, as probably most of you know, my education leads to a lot of stress and anxiety...
  19. Sethamus

    1/5/10 Plan - Who has written, or updated it in 2020?

    I just finished writing my 1/5/10 year plan in one of my work journals and wondering who else, especially 2020 summit attendee's, has sat down and written or updated an existing one? One extra step that I will work on is updating throughout the year a 2 week plan that is dated with items that...
  20. LightningHelix

    Problems and how to find them. Inventing and Improving.

    Mechanical engineer here, How do you guys go about identifying problems? I know MJ wrote about one of his friends who digs around in amazon for products that have been reviewed a lot, but have scored pretty low. I'm not sure how to do that, maybe there's a trick to amazon's search engine to...

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