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    Marketing yourself with no following?

    Hello! For someone like myself who has a idea but has below average marketing skills, how does one go about gaining a following to get the word of your service out there? Most of what I plan on doing is all online, so having an online presence is going to be a key factor in my success. I’m just...
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    Programming Side hustle?

    Hello, I’m new to the forums and have been brainstorming some possible ideas as a side hustle. Im 24 and currently self teaching python as the first programming language i’ve ever learned. I truly do love tech, and in January i’ll be attending a free tech program to further extend my knowledge...
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    INTRO Pessimistic Optimist here. Hello!

    Hello Fastlane Forum, Glad to be here. I joined the site a few days ago and have been silently browsing. I’ve finally decided to introduce myself after rehearsing in my head what exactly it is I want to say. I’m 24, and suddenly I realize the important of money and decided to hop on the...

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