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  1. Varun

    Problems integrating mailchimp into free wordpress theme?

    Hi guys, I have a website going on. Writing articles, the first product is almost ready. But the problem is that I cannot integrate Wordchimp's email signup form through my text widget for whatever reason. Is it a theme issue? Did anyone else encounter a similar problem?
  2. Varun

    Popups vs embedded sign up forms for email addresses?

    Which one is best? I know the correct answer is A/B testing, but my website is very new, and I have a very small number of visitors. Which one would be a better option, and when should one think about changing it?
  3. Varun

    Secure options for ebook hosting and delivery on website?

    I have a website up and running, close to 40 articles in. Going to write an ebook soon. As far as I know, I can either use Paypal for payment and then manually deliver it myself, or redirect them to a URL(very easy to pirate), or use some sort of hybrid payment and automated delivery system...
  4. Varun

    Taking a physical store online; getting feedback from customers

    Hello, I own a physical store selling consumer electronics(TVs, refrigerators, etc. - India). It is quite clear that business is changing and integrating online business with offline in meaningful ways is the way to go. I'm just struggling to understand how to valuably integrate the online...
  5. Varun

    How to tilt value in affiliate marketing?

    Hello everyone, Just wondering of ways to do it. Some I've come up with: 1. Research more and deeper than competitors 2. Get a paid wordpress theme with simple, easy to read layout(can only do it once I start earning some money from AM, theme is just ok right now). 3. Just read about funnels...
  6. Varun

    How do you build trust in content marketing?

    Hello everyone, It is said that trust is the highest form of motivation. Customers won't really click the affiliate link until they trust the website. I make sure that I put in as much as possible quality in my articles and I am honest about whatever I write(3 up, working on the 4th. Average...
  7. Varun

    Looking for feedback if you have time(content marketing)

    Hi, I've started a website with content-based affiliate marketing as the goal. Very bare bones as of now, only have 2 articles published. The first thing I'm aiming for is to get enough content there in the first place. Once I get traffic I'll add affiliate links. Please give me some feedback...
  8. Varun

    Retail industry B&M stores(consumer electronics). Is omnichanneling the way?

    So now B&M stores in my country(India) have started feeling the heat from online players like Amazon and Flipkart. Most of them are unwilling to change and are content to grumble. How do I add value to the customer's lives? As it stands, customers go online to shop(especially for cameras and...
  9. Varun

    Couple of questions from a beginner

    Hi, I've started a website for affiliate marketing in the fitness industry. I know my goals, there's no control. In it for industry experience, to raise some capital and ultimately create my own product based on need/pain points etc. My question is - how do I know when I've become good enough...
  10. Varun

    HOT TOPIC How to counter negativity from immediate family members(Script)?

    I'm from India, recently joined the family business. My two uncles are supportive, but my father and mother are heavily against it. We have retail and distribution both. My father's been telling me things like how the business has no future, it will split later, bigger players are coming...
  11. Varun

    EXECUTION 26, joined family business

    Hello everyone, Decided to make this thread to speed up my learning process. As of 3/07/2018, I've been going through sales ledgers and helping in checking them. Essentially ensuring that the names and numbers match up. My elders have told me that I must learn accounts first, if I understand...
  12. Varun

    Starting in my family business. Any advice on what to do, what not to do?

    Hello everyone, My family owns a small business in consumer electronics(retail). My long-term goal is to automate it so that it can be a proper Fastlane venture. It fulfills every other criterion in the framework. However, it has only been 3 days since I joined. Presently, I've just been told...
  13. Varun

    INTRO Hello everyone, Varun here

    Hi all, Just finished TMF and Unscripted. They confirmed what I'd felt deep down for a long time. I've got a degree in law from one of the best institutions in my country. However, I never wanted to work at a law firm. Most people think life at a law firm is like Suits, the tv show(haha). Of...

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