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  1. Trevor Kuntz

    MARKETPLACE Mosquito Netting Ecommerce Store for Sale - $29k profit/year (2.3x valuation including inventory)

    I am selling my ecommerce Shopify business for $77,950. This is a 2.3x valuation ($66,900) of the company plus ~$19000 of inventory valued at a discounted amount of $11,050. I am going to be very transparent about this business, so ask any questions you want. If it doesn't sell by January...
  2. Trevor Kuntz

    Dog gives man new life, man gives dog $500,000 house

    What this isn't: more Rich Kids of Instagram bullsh*t What this is: a man who just wanted to give his dog the love he never had and ended up building a successful business as a result of it View:
  3. Trevor Kuntz

    eCommerce Store Hacked???

    EDIT: Apologies for alarmist thread title; initially thought that my site was hacked but it does not actually appear to be compromised. TL;DR Problem: Someone has created 1300 customer accounts on my store using Russian email addresses and the automated customer registration thank you emails...
  4. Trevor Kuntz

    Ecommerce Patent Troll Defeated

    How Newegg crushed the “shopping cart” patent and saved online retail | Ars Technica
  5. Trevor Kuntz

    Amazon Sales Tax in Massachusetts

    Amazon To Begin Collecting Mass. Sales Tax In 2013 | WBUR BOSTON — Online retail giant Amazon will begin collecting sales tax on purchases made by Massachusetts customers next fall, the Patrick administration announced Tuesday. In the announcement, Amazon also said it will create hundreds...
  6. Trevor Kuntz

    OFF-TOPIC Business Owner Gives Company to Employees

    Very cool. On 81st birthday, Oregon man gives company to employees | Business & Technology | The Seattle Times MILWAUKIE, Ore. — Scores of employees gathered to help Bob Moore celebrate his 81st birthday this week at the company that bears his name, Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods. Moore...
  7. Trevor Kuntz

    FREE Stanford Courses

    Check out some of Stanford's free Fall courses. I'm thinking about taking the solar cell class! Stanford?s Free Online Courses
  8. Trevor Kuntz

    Gmail in SERPS: Is Email Marketing More Important Than Ever Now?

    From the article: What Can Internet Marketers Do to Prepare?Now you can use email marketing to gain prime visibility in the SERPs. For example, if you have purchased from Walmart in the past and subscribed to their email list, you should be receiving emails from them with current promotions...
  9. Trevor Kuntz

    O/T: FUNNY Ron Paul Supporter owns Now Selling on Flippa.

    I'm not trying to start a political debate of any kind on this forum, but I thought this was pretty funny. This guy invested $720 in 70-something domain names, and now he has listed on Flippa for $5,000 so that the "free market can decide" how much it is worth. I think he might...
  10. Trevor Kuntz

    What are You?

    “Jobs was like dynamite,†Syal says. “Dynamite clears paths, but it also destroys everything around it.†Syal didn’t think much of Bill Gates before, but he does now. “Gates evolved from an a**hole into a human being,†he says. “Jobs remained an a$$.†Are you an acolyte or a...
  11. Trevor Kuntz

    OFF-TOPIC Fortune Global 500 Brand Being Attacked by Activists

    Check this out. Greenpeace faked a campaign to make it look like a Shell campaign, and now it's tarnishing Shell's image. As much as I would hate to be in Shell's position, Greenpeace was pretty ingenious on this one, even going so far as to create a Shell Twitter account to make it look like...
  12. Trevor Kuntz

    Approaching Webmasters in Your Niche

    After reading a lot about post-Penguin SEO, it seems that the most effective links are in-text links to your site from other sites within your niche. In my niche, there are a lot of charities, a few dozen info sites that were created in the early 2000s, and a handful of competing stores (not...
  13. Trevor Kuntz

    Why Russia Locks Up So Many Entrepreneurs

    BBC News - Why Russia locks up so many entrepreneurs Another reason to be glad that I was born in the United States!
  14. Trevor Kuntz

    Slimeball SEO

    A step-by-step guide to successfully being a dick and destroying competitors through negative SEO. Successful Negative SEO Case Study - Main Backlinks/SEO Discussion - Traffic Planet Feel free to be angry after you read that. :)
  15. Trevor Kuntz

    Google, Amazon dominate new domain suffix bids.

    More control in the hands of Google and Amazon. Google, Amazon lead rush for new Web domain suffixes in bids to ICANN - The Washington Post
  16. Trevor Kuntz

    Did Google just update again?

    Yesterday (6/4) at around 1 PST, I saw my site drop from page 7 (my site has only been up a month) to page 19, and today, it's not even in the top 900 results for a really low-competition keyword. The site that I would consider one of my two main competitors has been around for years and they...
  17. Trevor Kuntz

    SEO War

    I transferred $50 to my PayPal last week for SEO stuff, but seeing the results of my last SEO run and not knowing what to do with this $50, I'm almost tempted to "give" my competitors a few thousand spun article links. Haha. :P SEO was so much more fun before Penguin.
  18. Trevor Kuntz


    Ferrari sales rise in the US, Britain, drop in Italy | Reuters Edit: There isn't supposed to be an 's' in the thread title, but whatever.
  19. Trevor Kuntz

    Free Analytics Programs

    Some of my new sites are moving up onto page 1 of Google, and I'd like to find out exactly how many views the sites are receiving. However, I'm kind of wary of using Google Analytics after reading some books about Google and SEO. So with that said, I'm trying to find a FREE analytics program...
  20. Trevor Kuntz

    SEO Packages

    So I know that Google's algorithm change has probably thrown everything off, but I'm preparing to order some SEO packages anyways. I do a lot of my own SEO, but I'm going to be going on vacation for 14 days, and I'm not going to be able to do any SEO then. I don't want everything to lie dormant...

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