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  1. Andreas Thrane

    HOT TOPIC I have two questions for you (borrowing from family)

    I used the search function to find threads already covered these questions but can't find any. Delete this post if it’s already been discussed. Sorry in advance. Family funds To get my business started I need some funds. There are several ways to get the money, but the fastest and cheapest...
  2. Andreas Thrane

    New concept in Denmark - Would you pay for this

    Hello. I'm from a small country called Denmark in Northern Europe. I have stumbled upon a new development in the cleaning industry. Specific in the car cleaning industry. Companies are now specialized in cleaning your car at home or at your job with a portable steam cleaner. These are getting...
  3. Andreas Thrane

    Plastic pollution - I want to provide value

    Hello guys and girls. With this thread I hope to encourage you to join a brainstorm with me. I want to provide real value in connection to my great passion; do something about plastic pollution. The question is how do I do that best? My current thoughts: Produce and sell children items...

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