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  1. Marley T

    WEB SCHOOL creating my first website

    hello everyone, (think this is the right forum for the job) I have had this idea for a niche review website for awhile, Im finally starting to get stuck in and make it happen. The first thing on my checklist is making the website, thinking this was something I would be able to do myself using...
  2. Marley T


    I noticed that a lot of music youtube channels will charge artists around £100-£200 to have their tracks posted on their channel for example GRM daily and SBTV. I was thinking about growing an Instagram page purely for aspiring artists and charging a small fee just to have a preview of the track...
  3. Marley T

    OFF-TOPIC Thank You!!

    I just wanted to take some time out to say how much I appreciate every successful entrepreneur on this forum. I joined the forum on Monday and man the amount of knowledge that I have at my finger tips from people that have been through the whole grinding process and still are is insane. The...
  4. Marley T

    Where I get my ideas from

    Most of my ideas come naturally, the two main things these ideas stem from are The environment I'm in Problems in that environment that occur often To most of you this is probably obvious stuff but not for all. when I was seventeen I did about 4 days of labouring for some extra cash and...
  5. Marley T

    The power of the YouTuber

    I have two app ideas that I'm in the process of trying to execute, I thought these ideas out a lot and still do. One reason I'm so exited to get these apps developed is because I have thought through about how I would market it very well and one strong part of this marketing would be to use...
  6. Marley T

    MEETUPS Who to follow?

    I joined this forum in hopes of gaining more knowledge and if I can sharing some too. I'm interested in learning about apps in particular and hearing people's success story's that have managed to come from nothing. I will find people along the way I'm sure (only joined yesterday) but I was...
  7. Marley T

    EXECUTION Tracking my Progression

    Firstly this is something I've never done before and very new to me but figured it might help myself or someone else. I'm going to write a few of my short goals down. Its important to know I am currently in conversation with a investment company about my app concept so I already have that...
  8. Marley T

    INTRO Just getting started

    I am eighteen years old, and am currently in college to all you American college haters, here in the uk it's completely free, part of the reason I'm at college is because it means in government terms im still a child and can claim benefits. While I'm enjoying my course (music technology) it is...
  9. Marley T

    Any advice ?

    Hello, I started reading the fast lane book last year and the best way I can explain what it did for me is that it just put everything into prospective. I already had that fast lane mind set from the age of 15 but never knew how to actually Pursue it or wasn't sure if I was just bieng a Naive...

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