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  1. levijean

    Google Search vs Display Ads metrics

    I have been running a successful google search PPC campaign for my business for many years. Recently I have been experimenting with Google display ads to try to extend my reach (in addition to remarketing ads). Does anyone have any insight as to what sort of conversion rate & cost to expect in...
  2. levijean

    O/T: HEALTH My 11 year old was diagnosed with autism yesterday

    My 5th grader has been having difficulties at school over the past few months and after countless visits with psychologists, counselors, school staff, etc she was finally diagnosed with autism by a child psychiatrist. I'm surprised it took as long as it did but now with the label some odd...
  3. levijean

    OFF-TOPIC The son of a billionaire knocked on my door yesterday

    Sam Steyer asked me to vote for his dad Tom Steyer for president. I should have invited him to come in and sit down and chat. But he caught me off guard and I simply took a pamphlet and said thanks.
  4. levijean

    Anatomy of a 100% IRR real estate deal from cradle to grave

    The following is a breakdown of a real estate deal I recently completed. House was bought in 2017 for $55,000 for cash. It was in pretty decent shape at that time, we spent about $6,000 to get it ready for first occupancy for pretty much just new interior paint & carpet. This was a good buy...
  5. levijean

    Negative interest mortgage

    The central bank must be charging higher negative rates otherwise i have no idea why any lender would do this.
  6. levijean

    Damn you crypto

    I doubled a small investment in crypto last year. I ended up pulling my cash out about 6 months ago after the market was dead. But now there are signs of life again I have FOMO...sonovabitch.
  7. levijean

    OFF-TOPIC Convince me to buy / not buy a new car

    I have never bought a brand new car before. I've had my current daily driver for 5 years, I bought it when it was 3 yrs old. I've always driven cars until the wheels fall off. This one would probably last me another 5+ years with minimal issues. I like it just fine, I have no good reason to...
  8. levijean

    Tools to work remotely.

    I'm vacationing in Ireland for three weeks in June. I was thinking about buying a netbook or some such to be able to connect to and work thru my home computer while I'm away. Any recommendations on hardware & software? My home computer is a PC running Windows 8.
  9. levijean

    Do I need SEO & PPC?

    My website ranks very high for my keywords, #1 in many cases. But of course paid searches rank above mine. Would PPC ads benefit me or just cannibalize my existing rankings? The majority of the time when I search for stuff I ignore the ads and go straight to the organic results.
  10. levijean

    Retargeting ads?

    I have very good SEO for my business so I do not use adwords and the like. However, I wonder if retargeting ads would be useful to stay in front of customers who have visited my website. I have a very low volume, high price high margin business. Any thoughts?
  11. levijean

    OFF-TOPIC What have been your favorite life experiences?

    For those of you who have the money & time to do whatever you want, what have your best life experiences been? I took my wife & kids on a two week trip to London, Paris, & Rome earlier this year - that was pretty phenomenal.
  12. levijean

    OFF-TOPIC Gift ideas

    I need to give my wife some ideas for myself for xmas. Any good new books or gadgets out there? I'm really hard to buy for.
  13. levijean

    HOT TOPIC Stock Market Trading Rotation System

    A few months ago I bought and read the book Stocks on the Move: Beating the Market with Hedge Fund Momentum Strategies, by European fund manager Andreas Clenow. Basically, the premise of the book is to buy top-performing stocks and sell them when they cease to be top-performing stocks and...
  14. levijean

    eBay sales tax scam

    I've noticed recently with stuff I've been buying on eBay, the sellers are illegally charging sales tax. There is no way these sellers are registered in my state to collect tax. Its a sleazy way to try to make another 5% to 10%. It better not be any of you!!
  15. levijean

    REAL ESTATE I just made $42,000 on my first real estate deal!

    And it only took 9 years, haha. The first house that my wife & I bought after we got married we paid $126,000. When we bought it it was a $0 down deal, at the time you could get a first mortgage for 80% and a HELOC for 20% to avoid paying any PMI. During the 3 years we lived there I rapidly...
  16. levijean

    Google keyword tool

    Say I am trying to sell a very specific item, like a "6 foot tall lighted bar stool" (made up product of course). I would expect something this specific to have a high click thru rate, but assuming everything else is equal (price, quality, presentation, etc) what is the minimum monthly searches...
  17. levijean


    I'm considering importing a few thousand dollars worth of clothing to peddle online to test the market for a particular concept. How do I protect myself from getting scammed buying from China? I have read dont use suppliers who wont take Paypal but most of them do not it seems. Will a regular...
  18. levijean

    INTRO Hi

    I am 36 and a husband and father of two. I run a successful real estate company, I primarily focus on wholesaling but have rehabbed many properties and also collect rental properties to turn over to my property manager. I enjoy exploring business & investing ideas. My main focus is...
  19. levijean

    Has anyone bought a semi-passive ecommerce biz?

    I have a very successful real estate business but would like to diversify a bit with a semi-passive investment into an ecommerce biz. I'm looking for something priced under $500,000 that nets at least $100,000 without much time required. Does something like this exist?

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