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    Does The Paradise Pack seem like a worthwhile investment? Basically, it's the programs of several experts in fields from language learning to online business setting, packaged together for a big discount. Doors close in a couple of days, is it worth spending the $197?
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    Alertness app

    Hi all. I'm afraid I just lost steam on the My Pack To Yours project. I'm expecting to get back to it before long (i.e., once I have more mental stability), but in the meantime I have another idea. What do you think about an app that tests how alert you are, to make sure it's okay for you to...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Any domains that you're not using?

    I've got a few domains I'm not using, I thought I'd start a thread in case anyone had any that they wanted to get rid of.
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    EXECUTION Hours at work been cut way back, how can I bring in more money?

    What it says on the tin. My hours at work have been cut significantly, and while it's cheap to make the product I've come up with, I need more money. (Before you state the obvious solution of getting a second job, I'm trying but nothing yet.) Any ideas?
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    Need someone to develop 3D print design

    I need to create a 3D print design for a pendant that has text on both sides. Can someone help me?
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    Rough draft of email

    Here is what I've come up with the email so far. The idea is to email adventure bloggers and the like and see if any would be interested. " It's clear that you think as I do, that the joy of discovery is an absolute essential for a fulfilling life. It's a real pity that so many get so bogged...
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    EXECUTION Of pendants and progress!

    Hey everyone! If you didn't see my introduction thread, the idea is basically to make pendants (for now I'm using dog-tags), each one having a unique code, sell them to people, have them enter their adventures with the tag onto a forum (eventually I'll have a proper forum, for now I'm just using...
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    INTRO Hadn't heard of Millionaire Fastlane until 24 hours ago.

    Haven't finished it yet, I'm just starting Chapter 24. I'll be 22 in April. After high school, I volunteered abroad for a while, worked for a while, took a couple of classes at the local university, went back to work. I've decided to apply to university, at least to see what all the fuss is...

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