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  1. Patrick Ciora

    How to start when disabled ?

    Read the books - it doesn't matter your circumstances, in the end it matters if there's a need or not.
  2. Patrick Ciora

    WEB SCHOOL SiteGround, Geekstorage or Namecheap

    I personally use this setup: For hosting: Netcup For Domain: Namecheap You can get the cheapest webhosting offer at netcup for 2,20$. It includes: - 50 GB SSD storage - SSL certificate - 1 free domain (only specific ones) - SSH access ... i personaly use a dedicated server for my needs, but...
  3. Patrick Ciora

    The perfect idea, or the steady process?

    Yea that's right @minivanman, but there are several things to do before you get to the core of your website. Let's say like renting a server, setting up the basement, looking for frameworks, etc. that's what I mean by process > idea. Of course this just refers to - how to start off best, without...
  4. Patrick Ciora

    INTRO Mediocre up to this post

    Thanks @Andy Black! Well, if I can not "survive" without a job, I guess there's no way around it. I will check out the thread! Best regards Patrick
  5. Patrick Ciora

    The perfect idea, or the steady process?

    First, thanks a lot for your opinions, it helped me out! I just hit today the chapters about CENTS, so I know now what you're talking about @GatsbyMag But I will dive deeper into threads to get some inspiration, while not losing focus for my process. Best regards Patrick
  6. Patrick Ciora

    The perfect idea, or the steady process?

    Hey FastlaneCommunity, as mentioned in my title I'm a bit stuck in between to basic question anchored in my head. I'm bouncing between finding the "right" idea or just going to start off building a website and once I'm at a certain point I can come up with the right idea. So which approach...
  7. Patrick Ciora

    INTRO Herr Unternehmer Introduction

    Welcome on board @HerrUnternehmer. Keep chasing your dreams! ... as the people before mentioned. But try to look for something scalable and try to fullfill all 5 CENTS as metioned in The Millionaire Fastlane, this should be a approach which is good to go! Keep your head up, and never give up...
  8. Patrick Ciora

    INTRO Mediocre up to this post

    Thanks a lot, @lowtek aka Megaman! :) As I can see you are one of the more experienced users here on the forum, what is your business about?
  9. Patrick Ciora

    INTRO Mediocre up to this post

    From this point of view a safe should be not something anyone should ignore. But unless I'm still a student I will process until I'm studying. My goal is to be independent after graduation! Life can always come up with some unpredictable things, in this case I think your idea by creating a...
  10. Patrick Ciora

    INTRO Mediocre up to this post

    Thanks a lot @Champion ! Referring to your advice, do I really necessarily need to get a job? If I develop e.g. a software which I want to sell across multiple platform money is not necessarily required. Sure, the software won't be sold immediately, but I guess it is a good way to go to at...
  11. Patrick Ciora

    INTRO Its showtime.

    Welcome to the forum!
  12. Patrick Ciora

    Would love to connect with passionate, hustling and entrepeneurial Fastlaners (in Belgium).

    As awesome as true post. If anyone wants to connect for the same reason just feel free to pm me aswell! Best regards, Patrick
  13. Patrick Ciora

    GOLD! WordPress Site Speed, Perfected—Ask Me Anything

    Hi @Nick M.! I am very interested to dive deeper into this topic, but first I would highly appreciate if you can help me out with a specific question. Would you recommend using WordPress in general to start off a business, over a static self coded website from scratch (based on a template)?
  14. Patrick Ciora

    INTRO Mediocre up to this post

    ... yes, you heard right - up to this post! You're probably wondering what I mean by that ... ... and I gonna tell you, it's quite simple! After I already read 60% of The Millionaire Fastlane, I knew it was time to get active - and here I am... ... only in form of a contribution, but this is...

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