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  1. Private Witt

    My first Mail Chimp campaign just brought a 5k sale within 6 hours

    I always wondered why I collected so many cards over the last 3 years of going to festivals, conventions and other events. I'm pretty good with following up but so many are non-responsive I sometimes pre-shake my head when someone hands me a card or when I give them mine knowing I just wasted a...
  2. Private Witt

    EXECUTION Launched cannabis culture newspaper into stores - results here

    I own a cannabis media and music event hosting startup in Seattle and six days ago I placed an 8-page newspaper into 29 local stores from Tacoma to North of Seattle. Over the next few weeks, I will increase to 50. At that point, I will focus on the 2nd edition that will be published in early...
  3. Private Witt

    OFF-TOPIC Any Fastlaners active on (Poker)

    I'm a former poker player who has an interesting history on TwoPlusTwo. I've had the honor of spending time discussing my former project in the poker world with legends such as Chicago Joey, Pure Aggression, Bob_124, and The Broke Brothers. Also had a quick talk with mega-crushers Jason...
  4. Private Witt

    Making the transfer to pulling versus pushing

    I can't remember what thread it was, but there is a video from MJ about the concept of pulling instead of pushing. This got into my head as I'm happy to say my business is getting to the point where I'm seeing a whole lot more pulling going on versus me having to push 100% of the time. I'd say...
  5. Private Witt

    EXECUTION Pacific Northwest cannabis industry media project attempt #2

    I'm very happy to say a project I relaunched after completely walking away for almost a year is starting to see amazing results. I've been pounding hard on processes and ignoring results, but its pretty great when the well starts to yield. My focus is on events, music and people. Due to tough...
  6. Private Witt

    FAILURE Lost important domain to broker

    Ill put this under failure because the domain name for a project that I'm relaunching this summer has been snatched by a broker for $2200. I quit the project last year and felt it was completely over. A chance meeting with someone in the industry brought me back and this time I have the proper...
  7. Private Witt

    INTRO Hi I'm Private Witt from Seattle!

    I just found this forum today and think its totally awesome. I'm an Internet marketer with strong ties in the real world who focuses on digital and print publications in the travel and cannabis industries. I have a very exciting 2018 planned with a project in the Seattle 420 industry that...

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