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  1. DaRK9

    Getting Sued For $70,000 (With Zero Assets or Funds)

    Invests $70k in crypto, he was probably gonna lose it some other way. But go find a lawyer. Failure to disclose the payback is an issue, but marketing crypto isn't. IF your friend didn't let the person know he was getting a commission there could be an issue. Also going BK doesn't clear all...
  2. DaRK9

    Contracts , where to get them

    Either one should be able to do it. Contract lawyers might be more expensive as they specialize but if the contract isn’t crazy complicated any lawyer should be able to handle it.
  3. DaRK9

    Contracts , where to get them

    Have a lawyer make you a template. My contracts are for software and there are a lot of things to watch out for so I don't even think about DIY. Contracts are also very use-specific and without the proper knowledge, you have no idea what you are creating or what you are missing by...
  4. DaRK9

    How do I go Fastlane as an Attorney?

    FYI in most states that's against BAR regulations. To OP I'm building a SaaS in the legal field if you have any questions or want to know more just let me know. Automating your practice is also very simple to do and can increase your caseload immensely.
  5. DaRK9

    How to start when disabled ?

    Pick something that people will pay for and get really good at it. I don't want to compare this with a disability but people told me my tattoos would inhibit my ability to do consulting in the legal field or turn off investors. Turns out when you do a good job people don't care.
  6. DaRK9

    My Mind Always Comes Back to "Getting Comfortable"
  7. DaRK9

    Practical guide to web/mobile development.

    What you are talking about is years of experience and several job titles rolled into one. It's possible but it's going to take a massive amount of time, and most likely 1-1 sessions.
  8. DaRK9

    Jobs aren't bad.

    It depends on the state. California has banned non-compete agreements since 2018. Just because you sign something, doesn't make it legal or enforceable. Using trade secrets is another thing, but ironically a lot of the trade secrets come out in court when enforcing it.
  9. DaRK9

    Jobs aren't bad.

    IMO sales or operations are the only jobs you should have if you are wanting to have your own business. If you want to be a freelancer then that's different.
  10. DaRK9

    Need help getting clients for my Digital Marketing Business

    Red ocean type beat. The advice on finding a niche is key. You might need to eat dirt on one job to get a solid case study if you aren’t really good at sales. Plus once you find a good system it’s easier to replicate.
  11. DaRK9

    Fastest Way to Build an App?

    Nothing wrong with low/no-code for an MVP.
  12. DaRK9

    Fastest Way to Build an App?

    Lots of caffeine.
  13. DaRK9

    Does anyone end up taking on too many clients and feel overwhelmed sometimes?

    Get money up front, hire out. Mo money, less problems.
  14. DaRK9

    Experienced coders: What do you think is the best framework to create a web app like this?

    That is true. Just takes more planning and a strict PM.
  15. DaRK9

    Experienced coders: What do you think is the best framework to create a web app like this?

    My only issue with reactjs is it can get unwieldy at enterprise level. For small to mid size it’s perfect. More lenient and open.
  16. DaRK9

    Experienced coders: What do you think is the best framework to create a web app like this?

    MEAN stack. Easy to deploy, tons of developers, tons of info online and has treated me well with my projects. My SaaS is MEAN + REST API for native apps. It’s also easy as hell to learn.
  17. DaRK9

    EXECUTION [PROGRESS] Building a search tool for farmers

    There is already another business doing this so it’s not that big of a deal. He’s improving on an existing model. Also if someone can easily replicate it, that violates Entry. ( Jab at dropshippers who get mad when someone else figures out their product )
  18. DaRK9

    Online Cannabis Marketplace?

    No, thats
  19. DaRK9

    Do I need a Technical Business Developer?

    What is the reason for approval before usage? That would totally turn me off of a product unless it was massive and needed a 1-1 demo first. You need to get them to the eureka moment while they are hot.
  20. DaRK9

    Does anyone spend a significant amount of time over thinking things?

    That wasn't the point of the OP. He is fishing. I'm all about value first sales but it rubbed me the wrong way.

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