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  1. psynapse

    @DavidLA we're going to open up an SDK (programming platform) to developers, so anybody can create their own virtual world. Think of as providing an instruction book for HTML, then providing the first web server for people to put their stuff on. This is similar, but 3D surround :) @JamesF...
  2. psynapse

    Hey, not sure if anybody has used yet, but we recently created our own KickStarter project: Create The Matrix - A Fully Immersive Simulation System (a new type of hackerspace) by ImTech — Kickstarter. We see it as a potential source for 'seed' funding .. and there's some...
  3. psynapse

    Logo Feedback

    @LagunaLauren good tip of putting them up on the wall, will try that! :thankyousign:
  4. psynapse

    Logo Feedback

    Hey all, I recently founded a non-profit technology think tank, and we're having our logo created by 99designs. Would love the community's input on what you think is good! logo for technology think-tank | 99designs btw If you ever get logo/creative design work done - I highly recommend...
  5. psynapse

    WEB/DIGITAL Dropshipping

    We drop ship all of our products entirely, and generate over $1M in revenue from it. Amazingly, we are able to sell some products for 80% gross profit, though our average is 45% (we don't sell anything with less than 25% gross margin). Our model is very similar to CSN Stores and Mercantila...
  6. psynapse

    WEB/DIGITAL May Sell My Online Business

    Congratulations! I'd say definitely 'bird in the hand' wisdom is sound. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? I've been looking to sell one of my online businesses also - can I ask what your valuation method is? Revenue or net profit multiple?
  7. psynapse

    Dividing Income

    After recently reading "The Rules of Wealth" by Richard Templar and a post from Tim Ferris of Automated Finances, I have been motivated to divide up my personal income into three categories: 1. Living expenses (40%) <- what I need to live on a day-to-day basis, small ticket (<$100) items. 2...
  8. psynapse

    WEB/DIGITAL Qualitative Site Testing

    Hey all, A contact recently sent me this site for qualitative testing of your website: Low cost usability testing - You provide a goal (or set of goals) that you would like somebody to achieve on your website, and they have somebody from their database try and achieve that...
  9. psynapse

    OFF-TOPIC Beijing Olympics

    Hey all, I will be in Beijing for the Olympics from August 6th - August 16th. Anybody else here going to be there? Would love to meet up. ::
  10. psynapse

    WEB/DIGITAL Fix and flip...this time it's about websites

    Great article. One question I have, is who do you sell the site to once it reaches about ~$3M in revenue? Does anybody know of good broker agencies, or businesses involved in the sector of selling eCommerce?
  11. psynapse

    OFF-TOPIC Name Your "Risky" Adventures!

    skydiving, bungee jumping, fast driving, unprotected sex (haha, does that count?) .. .. but I would certainly say exiting the salary wheel and investing my entire life into my own business is the riskiest.
  12. psynapse

    WEB/DIGITAL Website Stats - - - What do they all mean?

    ATW, if you want to understand more about web analytics, I *highly* recommend the book: Web Analytics, by Avinash Kaushik. The world of web analytics is amazing. It really revolutionizes commerce. Never before have business owners been able to easily track the number of visits into their...
  13. psynapse

    WEB/DIGITAL Woo Hoo ... PageRank3!!

    Congrats MJ .. I would bet the 1 year aging of the domain made a significant impact. Terrence, PR adds to the asset. Although it is only a number, it solves one additional variable in the equation.. and if it is in your favor, then that is a good thing.
  14. psynapse

    Create an Empire from Nothing

    fanocks, great breakdown, rep++. What are your thoughts on the MBTI and DISC profile?
  15. psynapse

    WEB/DIGITAL Creating Affiliate Program

    My affiliate manager actually bought out a competitor's lead-gen site, so I contacted him to establish a strategic relationship. He charges about $2,500 per month to start, renegotiable upon performance. These are the main tasks he is doing: 1. Day-to-day Management – this includes approving...
  16. psynapse

    WEB/DIGITAL Creating Affiliate Program

    After doing a lot of research, I hired an affiliate manager. As a business owner, having an experienced affiliate manager work for you will free up your time and produce far better-results than you could. The affiliate manager I hired works heavily with Commission Junction (so can get quick...
  17. psynapse

    What type of entrepreneur are you? I am primarily an "optimizer", secondarily a "hard worker".
  18. psynapse

    Fast Lane Plan: Internet Business

    There are definitely companies modifying open source and using it for commercial gain. One example is vTigerCRM, which utilizes SugarCRM's open source code.
  19. psynapse

    Any Fastlaners in CA?

    I'm in Los Angeles primarily, but do a decent amount of business in Orange County. Drop me a line when you're in the area, would love to meet up.
  20. psynapse

    INTRO You're from where??

    Los Angeles, CA. Would love to touch base with anybody in person.
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