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  1. royemunson

    OFF-TOPIC Badass hobbies.

    I shoot, train in ninjitsu (to shin do), my wife and I do ghost investigations, work out, hike, fish, and we are always looking for new hobbies to get involved with that provide additional fun and excitement.
  2. royemunson

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu... does anyone train?

    Always interested in BJJ but my son and I actually train in To Shin Do at Stephen K Hayes home center in Ohio. Love it and so does my son.
  3. royemunson

    BOOK [Free Giveaway] The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod

    I'm going to read this book either way. I have become a father at 2:30 am. Longest day and a half of my life (went in to be induced on Friday and he didn't arrive til almost 3 am on Sunday and went straight to ICU) but the moment that man came out (and I just tucked him in bed which I don't get...
  4. royemunson

    (SEO Fastlane) Would this be helpful to you?

    I've learned a lot from the guy thus far and his posts have added value. I'd be interested to see the steak behind the sizzle! Sounds like it may not happen but learning SEO from someone who has apparently positioned themsevles as an expert would be beneficial - it would allow us to weed...
  5. royemunson

    NOTABLE! What would you tell your 25 year old self?

    I've thought about this many times over the years as I'm 10 years out of 25. I would tell myself many of the little tidbits I've learned over the years but let's face it I would not have listened to some "old guy" who thinks they know everything. But if I saw myself 10 years ago... Your...
  6. royemunson

    Slowlane What Slowlane Jobs Can Be Beneficial For The Fastlane?

    I went into accounting and finance to learn about business. It has taught me a lot and I learned marketing along the way but it is still a job and I haven't gotten into some of the aspects that would help so I've learned those along the way. As said previously in the end it will depend on...
  7. royemunson

    Legally hiring and paying an employee

    Yes hiring employees entails a lot more than people think. No you don't need a CPA, but if you must hire someone I would highly recommend outsourcing any payroll since there are quite a few reports to consider, law changes, etc. It can be a bit time consuming and worth the fee you'll pay to...
  8. royemunson

    Slowlane Is it worth it to become an Accountant?

    I am an accountant and work for a CPA firm in Ohio. I took on that major with finance (while learning sales/marketing on the side) b/c I thought it would be a great way to make connections, learn entrepreneurship, learn the inner workings of a business, etc. It has done all that. It has also...
  9. royemunson

    WEB/DIGITAL Combining B&M with E-Commerce

    We are doing this currently with a chocolate shop. We hired a guy through craigslist instead of elance b/c locally there are many different folks offering these services and i was able to actually meet them and qualify them. Much cheaper and he did all the manual stuff. We actually are...
  10. royemunson

    Can a business be profitable right away?

    Wow with those skills that you mentioned Sara you should have no problem as long as you can put the marketing and sales into effect and generate clients. I can already think of many ways to promote yourself. Right now there is a big push online to find good quality writers and even...
  11. royemunson

    Service based business marketing

    Yes with local you have to get out there and meet people. People won't actively search for you online as I found out the hard way. Couple things we are trying is to first set up a site and generate leads (I have seen this work for others in the past). Our goal is to do the local online...
  12. royemunson

    paying members and taxes

    You will need to have them fill out a W9 form. MJ is correct that you only submit the 1099 upon payments above $600 for the year in total, but get this information upfront upon sign up (which I have done electronically through affiliate programs so it can be automated online) or just post a...
  13. royemunson

    Introduction - Differentiation question

    One tip I just read from the guy who wrote truth about abs that stood out (as I'm also a fitness nut and studied it in college - yes it's a major) was... Sell people what they want, but give them what they need. this is how he stood out from the other fitness products out there. he sold...
  14. royemunson

    WEB/DIGITAL What are examples of backlinking for SEO purposes?

    you'll get a ton of different answers on this one... the objective is to get your site well ranked in the search engines organic rankings. You can do many forms of paid advertising but SEO is an important tool in the long run. results depend on many different factors. seo is just part of...
  15. royemunson

    Where/How to start an LLC?

    You can file as an LLC and decide to check the box to be taxed as an S corporation to sidestep the self employment taxes you will pay b/c as a single member LLC you are a disregarded entity in terms of tax liability and you file on your Schedule C - you do however retain the benefits an LLC...
  16. royemunson

    WEB/DIGITAL Better for Fastlane idea...Forum..Website...Or does it matter?

    What is your goal with this site? Why not do both (if you have time b/c yes a forum can be time consuming and a headache if you can't protect it and monitor it properly)? Authority sites do very well in the search engines if you optimize it properly and build quality backlinks. Google is out...
  17. royemunson

    Contacting Businesses

    I agree with the above. Create your own "affiliate program" so to speak. There is a site called that does something like this. you simply put in all contact information to come to you then you send a friendly email to the businesses stating, Mr. Owner, provide a...
  18. royemunson

    This business looks like it could go fastlane

    I've had this same idea. Constantly being in a hurry and being on a healthy diet that consists of 6 meals a day that is agonizing to prepare all the time, finding fast food, with a drive through, that didn't cost $10 per meal was my thought. It would cater to the health conscious and body...
  19. royemunson

    Book on: Incorperation for tax advantages?

    Why not sit down with a good tax advisor/cpa (depending on your location). Keeping up with the tax code is a full time job and one of the tricks to being fastlane is to find smart people around you who can assist where necessary. Either that or go check out Diane Kennedy's websites as she...
  20. royemunson

    I'm probably the biggest loser here.

    I'll just add to what others have said since that may hellp. I was in your shoes and now coming out the other end (and life has been fantastic). You're obviously here for a reason and that is b/c you don't want to be like 90% out there. And yes taking care of your sick mother is beyond...
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