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  1. GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book a while back, took it in slowly to let it sink in.. thanks for the memorable thought processes... I am off the sidewalk and processing the leverage part so hopefully will get to that fast lane. Thank you for so many words of wisdom.
  2. Real Estate Top Tenant excuses you've heard.....

    I actually had a new tenent ask if they had to pay the whole rent they where 2 dollars short asking if i would waive the 2 dollars... funny my mortage wouldn't waive it or grocery story would not waive it, but a landlord should.... funny they actually got mad and thought i was a bad LL for...
  3. Real Estate Paying Rent with Credit Cards

    i have had friends that have used this to collect with credit card and like it alot for the items you mentioned above not much to worry about ect... site below, its great if you have a 100 units no worries to collect but if you have less than 30 it's a tuff sell to pay b/c it's 14 to sign up...
  4. Real Estate Beginner Conference Call - Recording (FREE)

    awesome stuff on REO's and flips. agree would be even better review on a computer as well to review notes, thanks as well!
  5. $75 grand... how do i turn it into $200 grand within a year.

    that's a tuff one, if we all knew we'd be doing the same, stock returns usually don't get that high even warren buffets picks average 20% and with the outlook crisis housing mkt seems like things will slow down from that mark as well. maybe foreign stock? but even then high risk.
  6. Is Ownership Crucial to Fastlane Wealth

    Agree but what about the millionaire next door? assume have worked for someone else and did get rich.... course they didn't have to pay all the overhead, labor costs, mtl cost and insurance ect...
  7. Cheers everyone!

    Hello everyone found this site by luck, figured I would say cheers to everyone and make my introduction I'm a Team Leader/Engineer and an attempting novice investor entrepreneur wantabe. I’ve bought my first property when I was 27 and collected 3 more over the years. I want to continue but...
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