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    INTRO The mark of my three-year journey is in three months (or learning from failure.)

    Welcome to the forum buddy. You are taking a lot of action and that is the most important part of getting Unscripted. Best of luck and keep hustling...

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    Congratulations MJ. Your book deserves this attention. This is another example of productocracy that you have taught in your book.

    INTRO Indian saying "Hello"

    Welcome to the forum buddy. I can resonate with your feeling about the script that most of us have to face in our lives as we grown up in the same country.

    EXECUTION Made my first dropshipping sale last night

    Congratulations on making the first sale. Taking action is the most important step of a journey.

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    A lot of thanks Biophase for running this thread for such a long time, it provides a great value for all of us. My question is I have found a product on Amazon, it's BSR is 14, avg sales per month are 1109, it has 39% 1-star reviews and 24% 5-star reviews it has total 2716 reviews and there...

    What If I have everything or nothing

    So straight to the point I am an existing entrepreneur, owned a B&M business and in search of a new business. I have a comfortable life, I drive a nice car (according to local standards) a Jeep, I have no mortgage, I am the one who is earning the most in my family. I live in my father's house...

    Lots of new faces here since I was active. What's your why?

    It's good to see someone who is a member of this forum from such a long time, it's really incredible. In 2007 I was a student and in 2008 after completing my MBA I got a job. But in the first few months, I understood that life is not meant to be lived like that. So with the help of my father...

    Quote of the Day - QOTD

    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years years ago. The second best time is now.

    INTRO Panic Setting In

    Change is always scary in the beginning. If a challenge is not challenging enough then it's not worth taking up. Go ahead with boldness decide your field of business and go for it. You are courageous enough that you already decided to leave your job. Best of luck.

    GOLD! I Built A Worldwide Business From Broke.

    Your story is truly inspiring. It is really appreciating that you answer each and every post and that too genuinely and with a pure heart and real words. Thanks again.

    VOTE NOW! Book #4: Vote for Next Book Discussion!

    Anyone here who already read - How to get rich by Felix Dennis. Just curious to know what’s the difference between this book and TMFL. I think MJ has already decoded this mystery in his books. After reading TMFL and UNSCRIPTED I have never felt the need to read another book about financial...

    INTRO Hello everyone from FRANCE

    Welcome to the forum. It's okay that your first venture fails. At least you tried on to something. Every failure is a lesson for future endeavors. Best of luck for your Fastlane journey.

    Instagram Entrepreneurs Truth (MUST READ)

    Really a good read. Hard-hitting truth.

    INTRO Swede aiming for freedom in the Philippines

    welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your journey towards freedom.

    Anyone else pissed?

    Consider yourself fortunate enough that you find it at the age of 23. I found this truth at the age of 37, but this is not the end of the world. IMO it would just take one year of focused effort to change your life as you want it to be. So get up and decide what you want to do with your life and...

    NOTABLE! Perfectionism is a plague, introducing Johnny Neverstart!

    You are absolutely correct. There are a lot of examples in the real world where we can easily see that the average person becomes successful just because they started something. They launch themselves in market irrespective of there shortcomings while some more intelligent and resourceful people...

    GOLD! 24 Years old: QUIT six-figure Job, Launched two Businesses

    It is really one awesome thread. It shows again that anything is possible. Hats off to you man.

    Thought Experiment: WWYD in Your Post Powerball Euphoria?

    I will definitely do something about stopping crimes against children. Here in my country, I came across news daily regarding crimes against children. The girl child is so vulnerable in this part of the world that we have to hear unpleasant news every day of gruesome crimes where most of the...

    Anyone in the education industry? (K12)

    I am in the education industry from 2011. I own an educational institute.
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