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  1. MitchM

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    Damn that is sick! Are you creating a lookalike and running them to a promotion code for their email - or straight to your website?
  2. MitchM

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    Nice, so what has made you decide to run the promotion with the other store? Do you just figure it’ll yield a better ROI in that instance, or do you think it’s a better strategy? Also, I’m sure that you can get amazon sellers to bite, as this also gives you the opportunity to sell Shopify...
  3. MitchM

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    Were they converting on the Shopify store though? If not, maybe it’d be easier to run a promotional/coupon optin first
  4. MitchM

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    Not to step on your toes, but is this what you’re doing? I had to look into it after you started talking about it.
  5. MitchM

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    There are many Amazon seller Facebook groups ... and there is also this forum. I sell on Amazon - so now might be a good opportunity to share how you can help!
  6. MitchM

    EXECUTION c.dream journey

    If you want, shoot me a message and maybe we can get into contact. It sounds to me like you could really use somebody one on one to talk to and maybe I can help you out. I will be busy but I come on here during the evenings some days and maybe then we can arrange a call or something...
  7. MitchM

    How not to go crazy? (draining day routine)

    Any improvements since starting this thread? Because I have some recommendations, but just as a heads up - the most important part is "Getting Realistic," because I think you have it all wrong. Time Blocking: First of all, if you are 100% certain that you want to do all of these activities...
  8. MitchM

    Is it Still Possible to Become An Amazon FBA and Ebay Millionare

    Amazon and eBay are simply platforms to deliver your products. It used to be much easier because the platforms were less saturated, but your question essentially boils down to "are there still markets to solve problems for?" Of course there are. You need to put your focus on finding a market...
  9. MitchM

    How does one go about putting the ideas into material form with products?

    You need to start off on the right foot - which is identifying the market and then understanding that market's needs. Once you do this, you simply create a product specifically targeted towards solving that need. So, let's just say that women 50-60 wanted to look and feel 10 years younger...
  10. MitchM

    FAILURE I wasted over $100,000 last year.

    I know the feeling man. I've been looking over all of my expenses over the past two weeks and am sickened lol (not actually funny, but gotta laugh, right?). I spent about 30k outside of my mandatory expenses and it's biting my a$$ big time. I was so ashamed that I was hesitant to let an...
  11. MitchM

    How can i/we stop chasing after new ideas?

    IMO this is the simplest and best guide on meditation from Sam Harris. Simply epic I think a big problem is most people don't actually go through market validation. You don't have to fully develop a business to get the validation that you need. What you need to do is go to the market, figure...
  12. MitchM

    Do you guys have any advice?

    I dropped out of college and traveled to Thailand for a month and then Europe for a month at 21 - but I'm not telling you to do that. I did Thailand under 3k for a month (living like a king) and have never once regretted the decision - BUT, I did have considerably more money saved up than you...
  13. MitchM

    RANT Discipline - The Reason You Might Fail

    That’s a really good point. Perhaps Discipline is a word used to describe a conflict between your desires and your actions. I never needed discipline to train for soccer as a kid - because I loved it. I think that the need for discipline comes in when society and life has gotten you into...
  14. MitchM

    RANT Discipline - The Reason You Might Fail

    I think that discipline is to a large degree a product of your standards. Tony Robbins talks about this. It’s not just a matter of how high you aspire, but what standards you hold for yourself. If it is within your standards to allow yourself to fall through on commitments that you’ve made...
  15. MitchM

    How to Make the Right Fastlane Decision in an Agony of Choices?

    Side income... Figure out how to build websites or do good facebook ads or something. Look for small local businesses and call them offering to get them leads or fix their website (depending on what they need/what skill you have). Charge according to the value that you are providing. This is...
  16. MitchM

    The Ultimate Guide On What Courses To Take

    Speaking of your importing book, I purchased it back in 2017 and it was a huge help! Have you updated since then? If so, how can I access it?
  17. MitchM

    Social Media Marketing Agency - First Client and Doubts

    The issue is on the client's end as he doesn't understand how social media is going to work. If he wants direct results instead of the intangible payoffs that you get overtime with Social Media - then he needs to be spending ad dollars in my opinion. When you do a "done for you" business -...
  18. MitchM

    What one thing held you back from starting a successful business more than anything else?

    I know the feeling. Business is about bringing people the end results that they want, whatever that may be. I think that sometimes the end results we aspire to bring to others can make us doubt ourselves because of the scale of the impact that we want to make - at least that has happened to...
  19. MitchM

    What one thing held you back from starting a successful business more than anything else?

    And if you haven't yet started a profitable business, what do you feel is currently holding you back? For me, what held me back most was continuously strategizing and coming up with a million ideas but never executing and committing. Always believing that I had to find that perfect thing. But...
  20. MitchM

    Digital Marketing Agency, the new Podcasting?

    I actually disagree here. I think the real issue is that many of these digital marketers are more in the space between having a job and being an entrepreneur. They are sort of like independent contractors and there can be MANY of them with different specialties. This is because more and more...
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