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  1. WEB/DIGITAL Please review my WordPress theme site

    Yep, a handful of the themes are affiliate links, but the majority are free ones
  2. WEB/DIGITAL Please review my WordPress theme site

    Thanks, Ill work on the logo today. I removed the top banner add as well. I'll also work on adding a categories button to the top bar . I was thinking of building a custom theme but I dont have the talent to do that or the funds to hire someone. So for now, I have to use the free ones.
  3. WEB/DIGITAL Please review my WordPress theme site

    Hi all, can you please take a look at my Word Press theme site Im averaging about 900 unique's a month but I think I can do better. Most of the traffic is from my comments on other blogs and theme sites. Any tips for better SEO? I was thinking of adding a...
  4. WEB/DIGITAL 50 OpenSource Financial Tools For Biz/Personal

    Ill second Mint. Its by far the easiest online budgeting tool Ive seen. I use it allot and am very impressed with the features
  5. WEB/DIGITAL started a new site

    Thanks everyone for the honest feedback, its actually been more helpful then the feedback Ive got from some friends and family. I think they were afraid of hurting my feelings. :smxB: I sent an email to Tom and hopefully we can work on a new design and layout. Thanks again
  6. WEB/DIGITAL Technical Lessons

    I heard aptohosting does a good job with their dedicated servers :smxB:
  7. WEB/DIGITAL started a new site

    I started up a new website but wanted to see what you thought Heres the basic idea, I give away prizes to people for guessing the location of the photograph. Im hoping that by attracting enough people I will make a profit through advertising. I would appreciate it if some of you would take...
  8. WEB/DIGITAL Guys help me value my first 2 Domains

    Re: Value my Domains While your sitting on them why not park them with a site like ? I have some of mine parked there
  9. WEB/DIGITAL Advice for E-Entrepreneurs (Domains)

    wonder if I can get anything for adultbillpay .com I never figured out a good way to sell it
  10. How Ameritrade Saved me $100K!

    hah, at work we call those ID 10 T errors :) btw what are ETF's? I haven't heard of those before
  11. OFF-TOPIC MJ's Evil Car Plan

    I still really like the Aston Martin DBS. When I reach my goal of 15k a month in passive income this is what Im going to buy
  12. WEB/DIGITAL 2 ecommerce questions

    Personally, Id try and target the higher cost = better quality mindset of most Americans Go after the premium market, raise your prices and then pay out commission to affiliates
  13. WEB/DIGITAL 1-800# for website?

    depending on the site, but I usually look for an 800 number to help determine if they are legitimate or not. Im always leery of sites that take orders but only offer an online form or email as a way to contact them
  14. What do you guys think of this web site?

    another peer to peer lending site worth checking out is They seem to be setup almost exactly like prosper
  15. How to develop your PLAN

    Last week my XBOX 360 decided it hated me and developed the red ring of death. I never realized how much time I wasted playing it until I didn't have one I work four 12 hour days with 3 days off every week. Normally on my days off I play xbox and do a little housework. Well, without the XBOX I...
  16. OFF-TOPIC wow, that feels good!

    Good question, I would love to invest it someplace but I think it is better to pay off my remaining credit card balance first. I still have a little over $10,000 to go and Im paying 9.99% interest on it I could be wrong, but it seems like paying of my debt first would be better then investing...
  17. OFF-TOPIC wow, that feels good!

    I paid off the entire debt of 14k on one of my credit cards! It feels good to be out from under it. I was looking at the statement and I was paying over $350 each month in interest alone I still have a ways to go before all of my credit card debt is gone but I just eliminated more then half of...
  18. O/T: FUNNY MJ's New Home

    Hmm MJ, Michael Jackson - Jacksons initials? M.J Coincidence? I think not :thumbsup:
  19. WEB/DIGITAL The Fastlane Needs Revenue Sharing!!

    Do you think that could lead to useless posts and more spam? It seems the way it is now people take time to write out a well reasoned response. I think an ad sharing system would lead to allot of people posting just to pad their count hoping to earn money.
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