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  1. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    Little Upgrade, I have still no idea for a Business. I started to writedown 100 ideas and have only 25 until now. Next week i start a new Job to learn more usefule Thinge. Actualey its also a Cents Business. But Even After 10 years a guy who Build several of this locations maks „ok Money“...
  2. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    With a modern car you dont have to use your key anymore. So you can go to your car with the keys in the poket - it opens an you can start the engine. The problem is that robber enhance the signal and drive away with your new expensive car...
  3. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    i have found a product on amazon with 128 reviews and five stars but still not perfekt and to expensive. So I thought about the idea and addressed my brother about it. (Its about a Keyless-go-shielding.) So 24 houers latter we designed our own version in 3D program for CNC cutting. The price...
  4. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    Thanks. Its true that i have learned a lot from my mistakes and do it better every time. I am thinking about new idears every day and looking for ways to do somting better. Take a look at my next poast for example.
  5. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    Little upgrade. Now its clear. The potential idear I described bevor is useless. I talkt to many people and trucker to find out if somthing to know how many parking space on the autobahn is free would be needed. The problem is thers not enough parking space so they constantly search or park in...
  6. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    Thanks for reading my tread. Maybe f0reclone is rite and I should not share the idea in detail.
  7. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    Thanks for your answer. Perhabs you`re right so I will change it. I`am thinking about a solution. But before I have to talk to the person who gave me the idea. And maybe other companis in the industie to find the highest pain point.
  8. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    A small upgrade about my ideas to Unscripted 1. Nothing bether than a dish towel with four loops? Yeas thats a idea I am thinking about. But its stupit! This idea is declined because it dosen`t fulfills the CENTS commandments an the need is to weak. 2. (Details were removed with...
  9. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    @Chapas Thanks for reading my tread and yor answer. Social media marketing is a very important scill but a FB Ads agency is not the right thing for me.
  10. D.Gintz

    GOLD! 29 Years old: Just bought my 2nd Lambo (not clickbait)

    @ G Alexander congratulations you hit Gold You could buy a bunch of TheMillionareFastlane or Unscripted to give it to the litel MJ`s who are old enough to ogle sports cars (like yours) an sixteen-year-old girls while they rolling over to the ice cream parlor. (Unscripted page 19) Just a...
  11. D.Gintz

    INTRO Start.

    Thats so true. But you also can learn from this gurus who want to teach you how to be a digital nomad. If you do what MJ says in UNSCRIPTED you can start a business doing exact the opposite from what this gurus want to teach you. Instead of searching on alibaba for products you have to do...
  12. D.Gintz

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Just startet somthing from Robert T. Kiyosaki. It was a gift from my brother to xmas. Still don`t know if i will read it to the end or throw it into the garbage It sounds like bad guru advice.
  13. D.Gintz

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    Hey people, I`m here to let you now how my journey to Unscripdet looks till now. I am 22 years old, three months after I started my development to a limberjack (2013-2016) I realised ther is more. So I started to read books and do more with my live than work fore someone else. Only white and...
  14. D.Gintz

    What are the THREE most IMPORTANT entrepreneurial lessons you can pass on?

    1. real need - physicall or emotional 2. customer need - not yours 3. be productive instead of busy Thats the three things I`v learned the hart way (near 7000 € and a couple of months) because my first idea to built an emotional value in the suplement industrie dosen`t work. And I realiced...
  15. D.Gintz

    INTRO You're from where??

    Hi, I am from Germany - near Stuttgart
  16. D.Gintz


    UNSCRIPTED is nothing I will try. It`s somthing I decided to live. Thanks MJ
  17. D.Gintz

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read the Millionaire Fastlane and also heard the audiobook.
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