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  1. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    OFF-TOPIC One product you miss. One word you don’t.

    Maybe this will spark some business ideas for you too. Miss: Z Cavaricci’s (the originals) Don't miss: Chillax
  2. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    How to find needs to execute [value/scale/sell]

    When I see a road I now see: Crushed gravel Construction Trucking State bids Cement Man power When I see carpet I now see: Cloth Thread Imports Material Warehouse Installers When I see paint I now see: Chemicals Metal - cans Distribution Brushes Supplies Customers Beatification Pick...
  3. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    Show us your mug!

    When’s the next meet-up? :smile:
  4. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    Not Fulfilled? Depressed? Maybe You Need An Alignment

    And so, BackToTheFuture... PS - Happy Birthday Dude.
  5. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    Protein Bar Brand Idea

    Sounds interesting! You may want to follow/search these guys (Scot and Erics Cheesecakes) and check their threads. Calling @Scot
  6. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    What movies can teach us about real life. Spoilers..maybe

    So I enjoy finding older threads with nuggets...and one thread lead to another about Gattaca 1997. From this 2010 post! So, watched it today for the first time. Time flies...(1984, Big...
  7. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    MARKETPLACE Want to be a Guest on the BiggerPockets BUSINESS Podcast?

    That is also the tone of J's latest book - it's about you not him. :thumbsup:
  8. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    GOLD! Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    So nice to see a thread turned GOLD! Excellent.
  9. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    Somebody Sell Me on "Fastlane Insiders"

    That being said, the "Sheep Dogs" are on the INSIDE and I am grateful.
  10. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    And then you see headlines like this today on market watch dot com: Hop on now before Dow reaches 40,000, says forecaster who nailed 2018 selloff
  11. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    BOOK Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl

    I was going to write a summary of the book and what I thought, but by far @The-J 's was so good I’ll leave it alone. His summary is an excellent description. So let me give you a small example within the book’s larger impact. Weather. I, like @MJ DeMarco grew up and lived in a four-season...
  12. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    OFF-TOPIC Show us your pet(s) !

    @RazorCut I am so sorry to hear about your Max...
  13. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    OFF-TOPIC Show us your pet(s) !

    Hoping for a good update and better news for Max. This is brutal.
  14. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    OFF-TOPIC Show us your pet(s) !

    12 weeks old when I got the call from a family in PHX who thought he would grow up to be “scary”. He was picked up while my other Bully was dying of cancer. They spent 3 months together and this guy has been by my side ever since. (8) now.
  15. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    VOTE NOW! Book #5: Vote for Next Book Discussion

    I won’t go too far, but you’ll be surprised how he handles your concern. Look forward to it.
  16. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    Big-Tech under Big-Government Scrutiny...

    Interesting for certain. Saw Charlie and Neil talking about the same today. Worry, no. Buying, not yet.
  17. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    REAL resources on self image and self belief

    Read Man’s Search for Meaning in 2014, profound. Have just Re-Read for the vote/poll; even better (2019). Off facebook for nearly 5 years. Still... Cannot recommend both enough.
  18. JunkBoxJoey_JBJ

    The Holy Trinity of Paid Search

    My pleasure... Ok, so THAT particular website/domain (LP) you built has "A" particular washer repair client's phone number. Got it. And so to speak, one washer guy in one area. Then one plumber in the same area (different LP) and one house cleaner in the same area too (different LP). Then...
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