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  1. GOLD! Save Yourself Years Of Frustration; It Worked For Me!

    Thank you for this great thread! I really enjoyed reading this, and I learned a lot too!
  2. INTRO Forum Introduction: Musician to (Fastlane?)

    Hi Pat, thank you for responding! Hopefully we can make a small community of musicians in the forum. I feel like musicians need the most help especially with almost everybody going to Spotify and feeling happy to gain $0.001 per stream. I am down to collaborate in music and on our way to the...
  3. INTRO Forum Introduction: Musician to (Fastlane?)

    Hey Sam, thanks for posting! I agree the music marketing gurus are pretty bad. In my opinion, Music now a days has a low cost and skill of entry and now a bunch of people have saturated the market. As far as music videos go, I handle everything in house with a few friends. Bought a camera for...
  4. GOLD! I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    I've read unscripted! Great book! I also love MJ as an author and his whole writing style. Very honest and frank!
  5. INTRO Forum Introduction: Musician to (Fastlane?)

    Hi Everyone! My name is Christian. I'm a 20 year old musician. I play drums and piano and go to school for music. I've read Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted. I'm going to reread them both soon. I'm really wanting to create value for a lot of people and my self as well. My first kind of goal...
  6. GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read the book millionaire Fastlane. It changed my life, and my perception on how to make money. Definitely an influential book in my life!
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