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  1. Duck

    My experience with P2P lending

    Hello Ikke I’m currently looking to get started with p2p lending (in Europe). In this thread, it seems like you are fond of Mintos. However, I have some doubts as to whether your point of view is still relevant at this point in time as there seem to be shooting up new platforms from left and...
  2. Duck

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I finished reading the book a few days ago. It was REALLY GOOD.
  3. Duck

    Ready To Execute My Idea.

    When creating a prototype, please make sure to keep it a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Don't try to make a lot of features before you know if your core product works (and if you can make it profitable). This can save you a LOT of time. In your situation, I would probably work some more hours in...
  4. Duck

    Not sure when to give up on my idea

    Only give up on a thing if you have a new and much better plan in place. Generally, sticking to just one thing will get you the longest in life. To me, it doesn't seem like you have much experience with Google Ads. Going for high competition keywords, without completely knowing what you are...
  5. Duck


    Moving to a cheaper place would definitely be a great option. Minimizing your expenses at first is probably needed if you quickly want/need to get out of the house. At the same time, this will keep you motivated to work hard and smart enough to be able to afford moving back.
  6. Duck

    Damn you crypto

    Trading and speculating on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be avoided at all cost. Getting to know the underlying technology in the field and making a financial decision based on that is another thing. But whatever you do, do it long-term and with things you understand.
  7. Duck

    What have you succeeded with? B2B vs B2C

    B2C is my favorite. I know that B2B typically can give you a very large profit per sale, but there are even more customers for B2C. However, I prefer doing B2C stuff that doesn't involve a lot of customer service.
  8. Duck

    Go for the money or Follow your passion?

    My view on this is at the beginning, to go after the money. This is also something which is mentioned in the book The Millionaire Fastlane. It will require a decent amount of willpower but also helps to strengthen you as a person. Later, when you have made some money and some kind of cash flow...
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