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    Side by Side/UTV market: product inception to market to ??????

    This thread will document the process of our product being inspired, designed, imported, brought to market, marketed... sold??? MJ, you mentioned that you wanted people to come here & document their journeys, so here you go! I do have to rewind a bit to document some of the steps we've...
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    INTRO Odd woman out?

    We're here & we welcome you. It can be isolating as a woman when you have differing interests, drives & passions than your (women) friends. This is a great community here & our admins work hard to make sure there's quality interactions without the locker-room talk. This forum is a gem for any...
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    I'm starting a real estate photography side business and could use some tips

    I would think that if any agent out there knew about it, they'd pay for it. I'm in the Phx metro area & I only work the east valley, which is still HUGE. Sometimes my clients are an hour drive away, so if I can eliminate even one "swing by" in having the lockbox installed prior to it going live...
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    I'm starting a real estate photography side business and could use some tips

    You'll need FAA licensure to be able to use the drone for commercial purposes, but I believe it's not too expensive & just a google search away. Creating a website with packages that the agent can select from is a great start, I now use all on my luxury listings. (ie: Pictures only, Pictures...
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    How to detect deceitful people

    So I'm going to offer a resource that's going to sound sexist at first blush but is actually based on biology and the survival evolution of humans: when in doubt, ask a woman. Why? Evolution of survival instincts. We ladies know we're the (overall, generalizing here, there are outliers)...
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    Real Estate Disrupting the MLS

    The 'landmark' lawsuit mentioned above doesn't seem to have a fundamental understanding of some very basic terms... but whatever, if it helps change the industry, great, I'm all for it. The biggest complaint in the way things currently work is that the sellers have to pay for the buyer's agent...
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    Spending 100k on townhouse, good or bad?

    It never hurts to set yourself up to be disciplined where you perceive a weakness, extra bonus if you can live cheaper that way & have all you need. But definitely don't count on the above statement or factor that in to your decision making, as it's an unknown variable. If the home helps you...
  8. Red

    MEETUPS Fastlane Luncheon, Scottsdale AZ, April 4

    I currently have an appt in Mesa at that exact time on that very day... will see if I can re-arrange that to attend lunch. :)
  9. Red

    Car Accident App(Need Feedback!)

    The first thing that comes to mind is that you partner with insurance companies & have them offer a small discount to a customer who downloads this app.
  10. Red

    GOLD! A new marketing tool I'm using with ridiculous ROI

    Thanks for the heads up, I read all the fine print, always, but I have yet to pull the trigger. I will report back on that specifically also when I'm able to make this happen. Much appreciated!
  11. Red

    RANT How to EMBARRASS yourself - Don't be this guy

    Just look to the puritanical roots of our country. That explains it all, including, but not limited to, why in some states you still can't buy alcohol on a Sunday. Fortunately, like many things in life, this forum has evolved for the better. The admins work hard at making sure that ALL feel...
  12. Red

    GOLD! A new marketing tool I'm using with ridiculous ROI

    Alrighty, gonna try this out. Looks like I can get the zip code I want from telephonelists & they claim they've scrubbed it against the DNC list & it's a combo of landlines & cell phones. Slybroadcast claims this works on both types of phone lines. And I can stagger the VM message drop so I'm...
  13. Red

    Gary Vaynerchuck

    This is really all that matters. Find someone who resonates with you & utilize the content. Other peoples opinions don't matter here. You do you, boo.
  14. Red

    GOLD! This is what 60 Pounds (27 KGS) Looks Like

    In need of an update, @Vigilante!
  15. Red

    Anyone else pissed?

    You guys.... really need to work on your response to someone else's experience...... "oh, you're young...." "be glad it wasn't 50 years later!" .... "just be happy that...." are not proper responses to someone dealing with a very life-changing, world-jarring experience. Imagine if someone...
  16. Red

    GOLD! A new marketing tool I'm using with ridiculous ROI

    So these things personally annoy the F*ck out of me, I don't even listen to the vm's just instant delete.... but that being said, I've learned that I'm not a good litmus test for what actually works in the real world. Where does one go about getting lists of numbers to spa- I mean, call & leave...
  17. Red

    MEETUPS Moving to Phoenix/Scottsdale this month

    Please be careful with this... we're a prime location for scammers & they LOVE people who can't come view the home first. I highly highly recommend not leasing anything site-unseen. If you're planning on buying a house in cash in the next few years, it's a small price to pay to rent an AirBnB...
  18. Red

    Meet Kevin: Dave Ramsey Exposed

    Yeah, his take on things is exactly what they're doing. They sell leads to agents & they don't give a rip if the buyers are qualified & they seriously don't give a rip if the agent has any skill or experience -only that they're willing to pay. BTW, in case you didn't know, this is how Zillow &...
  19. Red

    GOLD! STOP Paying Rent: Live For Free

    wait... you offered them cash but are actually financing the deal?
  20. Red

    I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    Your poor decision making will make you lose money -FTFY.
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