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  1. ProcessPro

    Do you want to learn more, or earn more?

    Maybe Andy wired your house. XD Great points Andy.
  2. ProcessPro

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    How Jesus Became God : the Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee-Bart Ehrman
  3. ProcessPro

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    How about respectfully asking people what results have they achieved using *insert resource here, e.g. Guru, book, seminar etc*. There's a resource I'm pretty excited about myself, so much so I want to create a thread to share it with the forum, but I'm putting it to the test first. Only when...
  4. ProcessPro

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    @Lex DeVille . 1) What are your thoughts on specialized profiles? Can I create multiple specialized profiles and rank for them? I'm interested in this because there are a variety of things I want to do on Upwork including copywriting, SEO and Wordpress websites. 2) What's your success rate? I...
  5. ProcessPro

    Andy shoots the breeze with eliquid

    Conversation of the gods. Definitely going to listen after my work.
  6. ProcessPro

    Finished building my 1st E-commerce store. One question.

    My aim is to take the shortest route to the first sale. The problem is that I've run my site through SEO tools and there is a lot of SEO work to be done. Do I have to fix those SEO things before running my first PPC campaign (which I assume is the fastest way to my first sale)? Or can I run...
  7. ProcessPro

    A sales tip for techies

    Love this. Someone once said that people love to buy, but not to be sold.
  8. ProcessPro

    Beginner's Guide on Who to Follow! (2019)

    hmmm...I always read the most recent 100 threads. I like this. Implementing now. Thanks.
  9. ProcessPro

    Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    Have you done this yourself? Can you describe how you've been able to execute this? I'm genuinely interested.
  10. ProcessPro

    O/T: HEALTH What supplements do you take?

    I second you on Life force. Indeed the best for the price. NOW fish oil Citicoline The latter two because I suspect deficiencies, the first for 'insurance' as I'm hitting the weights hard these days.
  11. ProcessPro

    How do you guys even manage your time/energy?

    I recently read an idea from @GoodluckChuck and been using it over a week. Short time yes, but it's been going great. I've copied and pasted the relevant part of his post below. Source: (post #66) GOLD! - Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World "A tool I use for my power list...
  12. ProcessPro

    Lex DeVille's - 200 Mostly Offline Rental Business Ideas

    Valuable post as usual. In my country people lease pool/billiard tables to bars. That might be an idea. I'm going to run down this list and see if anything resonates with my situation.
  13. ProcessPro

    Dealing with porn and other addictions

    Read Self-directed behavior by David Watson. It's a scientific textbook about changing your own behavior. I'm most successful with handling porn when I: 1) Get creative and block it. I once started locking my router power cord whenever my fiance left for work to block my internet. She left with...
  14. ProcessPro

    Which Online Courses Have Provided the Most Value to You?

    Hey, which Udemy course did you use for SEO? Thanks.
  15. ProcessPro

    Help me before the opportunity escapes!

    Stepping out for a bit so only took a glance, but I love the idea already! I don't think there's anything like this locally. Thanks Lex!!! Which check it out in detail when I return.
  16. ProcessPro

    Help me before the opportunity escapes!

    Bump. Any other thoughts?
  17. ProcessPro

    Help me before the opportunity escapes!

    My (3rd world) country has a poor internet market, however, that is rapidly changing, probably due to: -broadband becoming affordable and widespread in the last 10 years -computer literacy growing in the same time frame -the recent implementation of payment gateways (our version of paypal etc)...
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