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  1. NC Bidniss

    I'm starting a real estate photography side business and could use some tips

    Great advice, thank you. I am also a real estate investor, and the way a lot of realtors create listings is abysmal. I have taken over on a couple of occasions and had far better results. Maybe I can speak from experience and do a little bit of research to help show value.
  2. NC Bidniss

    I'm starting a real estate photography side business and could use some tips

    Thanks for all the tips! About the sign and lockbox placement, are you a realtor? Is that "need" unique to you, or is it pretty common for other realtors to use that service?
  3. NC Bidniss

    I'm starting a real estate photography side business and could use some tips

    It occurred to me the other day that a side business doing real estate media could be a great way to make some nice spending cash. My main business is family owned, so there wouldn't be much virtue for me in doing this on that business' time and dime. I noticed that both drone photography and...
  4. NC Bidniss

    I need help with my WADM!

    I am trying to decide what to do with my company. Long story short, my company is an industrial warehousing company in WV turned commercial real estate company. That change happened about 10 years ago. I currently have two options. Option one is to stay in WV and restart/operate the warehousing...
  5. NC Bidniss

    How do you all seek out needs?

    Parkersburg. I'm planning to move within the next couple years, though. Seriously considering Pittsburgh.
  6. NC Bidniss

    OFF-TOPIC The "Did You Know?" Thread...

    There are roughly 10 times more microorganisms living in and on your body than the actual cells that make it up.
  7. NC Bidniss

    OFF-TOPIC The "Did You Know?" Thread...

    A day on Mercury is longer than a year on Mercury.
  8. NC Bidniss

    New venture Website, Looking for feedback

    Printed photos? Videos on a thumb-drive? Sent through email? I think we are both on the same page here, but you're pretty adamant about no website/social media. My point of saying that OP needs one of those is to make that content, on which we both agree is important, easy to deliver to...
  9. NC Bidniss

    New venture Website, Looking for feedback

    Good point. Like I said in an earlier post, though, he needs to add a content portfolio. As a web developer, you understand how important it is to be able to show potential new clients your past work. Nobody will hire someone to create content on a whim and a promise. While I think building a...
  10. NC Bidniss

    Brand Identity will help you succeed

    When you're in a hole, the first step to getting out is to stop digging.
  11. NC Bidniss

    New venture Website, Looking for feedback

    I wholeheartedly disagree. A good website/webpage is crucial to any business in the modern age. If someone wants to know about your company, one of the first things they will do is look up your website. While I think starting to find clients now isn't a bad idea, it is more likely that those...
  12. NC Bidniss

    Elizabeth Warren: Break up Big Tech

    I don't know how I feel about it. On one hand, breaking up large tech companies will give smaller startups more of a chance to compete, will help to prevent some of the "questionable" practices of tech companies, and will likely force more competitive pricing for tech services. However, I also...
  13. NC Bidniss

    New venture Website, Looking for feedback

    Making progress! I think your next bit of work needs to be creating a page with your portfolio. I also see you went with my "catch-all" email idea!
  14. NC Bidniss

    Will smoking weed make me lazy/hurt my (good) mindset?

    I wouldn't recommend it. Enjoying your youth and using drugs and alcohol should be mutually exclusive. While it may not make you lazy, it does open a pathway to using weed and alcohol more frequently. Take it from someone who has been down the latter road. It's instant gratification now at...
  15. NC Bidniss

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I agree. I find books with a lot of corporate jargon filler to be droll and disingenuous. The "listen to me, stupid" way TMF is written is a lot more compelling.
  16. NC Bidniss

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read The Millionaire Fastlane! Now on to Unscripted!
  17. NC Bidniss

    The Right Path?

    Have you read TMF? If not, go ahead and crack it open. One of the keys outlined in the book is to determine what you are working for. What you need rather than a path is a destination. Your destination could be "make a million dollars by 25" or "buy a house in cash before 30". Once you figure...
  18. NC Bidniss

    I shed myself of my dead weight "friends"

    Join some organizations locally. One that I am a member of, which has chapters all over the country, is the Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce). Everyone there is a young professional trying to go above and beyond to better themselves and their community. While you won't likely find many...
  19. NC Bidniss

    Real Estate Should I simply sell my building, or should I setup an operation?

    The both options are pretty well the idea, unless I decided to sell (I have other properties). I have experience in commercial and industrial real estate development and leasing, but no real experience in warehousing and logistics. However, my company has been in the family for 5 generations...
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