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  1. ClaverCasley

    How to find needs to execute [value/scale/sell]

    It doesn't have to be the next Facebook or Amazon. You don't have to reinvent the wheel too. Plus, you don't have to look for the next big idea like Elon Musk did. How can you not be able seeing needs every single day? Don't you need water to survive? Look at the mug you use to drink it. Is...
  2. ClaverCasley

    I'm a bit confused on choosinng between learning facebook ads/marketing and programming!

    God! I didn't realized it's the same person who posted this kind of threads. Sounds like I just wasted my time replying.
  3. ClaverCasley

    I'm a bit confused on choosinng between learning facebook ads/marketing and programming!

    Wow..miss this age. I would say just try everything. Provided you know where your limits are. When I was at your age, I jumped into charity works during the day and night time was spent drinking. During weekdays I went for college and tried everything too. Mind you I have no idea what the word...
  4. ClaverCasley

    MEETUPS Meetup for Networking in Malaysia?

    This is my 6th year in the east coast. One of the most undeveloped state in our country. It's a beautiful place for retirement. Not so hectic. Turns out the cost of living is quite affordable here. That's why the generous offer. :rofl: Well, the church provides free Internet, lodging and...
  5. ClaverCasley

    MEETUPS Meetup for Networking in Malaysia?

    Great. Wanted to go badly. Time-constrain. Can I join remotely? Perhaps Skype?
  6. ClaverCasley

    MEETUPS Meetup for Networking in Malaysia?

    Another thing. The wife of the scrap metal business owner is running a herbal-based medicine type of thing. She was born with Fastlane DNA but still struggling to scale her business. We can ask her a lot of market analysis. That's point No. 4.
  7. ClaverCasley

    MEETUPS Meetup for Networking in Malaysia?

    I'm interested. But, forum members around Klang Valley? Then, I'm excluded. I'm in Terengganu. :rofl: Fortunately my time frame's the same. Would be nice since September is my third year FTE anniversary. Didn't see his thread, btw. If I'm not mistaken isn't he planning for networking among...
  8. ClaverCasley

    INTRO I'm going to be honest... I really don't care.

    There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence.
  9. ClaverCasley

    Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    But a web design company do exists outside of the western world. If you 'sell websites that sells' to these web design company that should clear the problem: Regarding the trust issue, you're running a B2B, not a B2C. Present them all the numbers, figures, that should convince them. But...
  10. ClaverCasley

    EXECUTION The Millionaire Fastlane ... Book Progress

    Wow! Can't believe I found this thread.
  11. ClaverCasley

    Is Perspective the Death of Ambition?

    My friend said (his perspective) : Rich people are dishonest. So, don't get rich. And quotes the Bible for that. Not realizing for the past 5 years we were able to grow our society with handful of donations. Thanks to our 'capitalist priest' who loves rich people, and knows how money and value...
  12. ClaverCasley

    The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

    I didn't even manage to gain a single cent from my current business. But, since starting..damn it. I couldn't even finish my meal. Every chew seems like eternity. My mind would be thinking about the emails, reviews, UX/UI of the websites. Etc etc etc. To ease the pain, I skipped meals. Peers got...
  13. ClaverCasley

    No, Your Market Is Not Saturated (Wisdom From a 19th Century Book)

    Wow. And wow. And wow. 1880? Things really don't change.
  14. ClaverCasley

    INTRO Recommendations and a Fastlane Newbie creates a business

    I hope this is not 'the grass is greener syndrome'. And if you plan to read Unscripted. You should check Commandment of Needs chapters. The highlight should be: - Being the first doesn't guarantee you'll be one of the next Apple or Google. (e.g MySpace came first before Facebook). - Check the...
  15. ClaverCasley

    INTRO Future Fastlaner from Malaysia

    Maan..their execution really made me cursing in front of my laptop. Wow! Lots of opportunity to make money here. Don't you realize? Since the industry in its infancy, a book with a genre 'how to fly a car' will make money. And who knows, government will have problems with altitude limit...
  16. ClaverCasley

    INTRO Future Fastlaner from Malaysia

    So, when you're going to build the flying car? Elon Musk launched a rocket solely without government assistance. Maybe you could be Malaysian's Musk. Welcome, mate! Selamat datang!
  17. ClaverCasley

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    It's been approx. a year. Can't believe I'm still rereading this thread. As you said it is: An ongoing thread, a reminder at all times to think bigger.
  18. ClaverCasley

    WEB SCHOOL Humble Hustle & adding value via Web Business - Progress thread

    Worth reading. I just clicked 'Watch Thread'. Happy hustling..
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