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    Looking for a picture resizer

    MS Paint -> Resize button at the top thats it
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    O/T: HEALTH Morning coffee

    Try a cold shower as you wake up.. I mean really cold shower, cold enough to make you start jumping around and almost scream It takes time to get used to it but in my opinion the benefits outweigh the 1 minute discomfort
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    HOT TOPIC MorningRod - What do you think about my invention?

    Sell the experience instead of the item "Imagine waking up by the warmth of natural sunlight instead of your annoying alarm clock"...
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    OFF-TOPIC Rest In Peace. David Koch.

    Easier to complain and cry than actually do some action.
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    Opinion for starting a web agency

    I'd say go for a specific niche agency. Instead of being one for all niche focus on high income niche like dentists, doctors, construction companies etc For example if you choose construction take a look at other successfull companies and see what their websites have in common. Study the topic...
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    HOT TOPIC Tin Foil Hat Time: Are Aliens Here?

    For every unusual UFO seeing remember that the department of defence has budget of billions of dollars a year for R&D, military classified tech is pretty amazing
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    HOT TOPIC Why I despise Pickup Artistry, and how to have a fulfilling sex life.

    The fear of rejection is what keeps people from asking women out, In my opinion everyone should look at the situation in two ways: Best case scenario - You introduce yourself, she likes you and get a date. Worst case scenario - She rejects you and you lost 2 minutes of your life and a small...
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    HOT TOPIC 20 years old, planning to quit uni and move to Thailand to work on business

    There is a major difference between 9k free users and 9k paying users
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    HOT TOPIC The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    Regarding the lawn mowing, why not synthetic grass? my family used to have normal grass, we got sick of taking care of it + the huge water bill so we switched to very high quality syntethic grass which looks real minus the con's of real grass.
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    OFF-TOPIC The future of movie theaters?

    In my opinion it's about the huge screen and great sound - the atmosphere really, not the amount of pixels
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    HOT TOPIC The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    I did all of that except flying in a sesna, I am not against taking risks and having fun, I'm just saying that specific in the auto industry I'd rather drive a safe car than a 20 years old car. People dont care about statistics until they hit their family, and if my mother didn't ride her 2013...
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    HOT TOPIC The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    Please spare 3 minutes to watch this 2 videos comparing a 2008 Ford Ranger - 2 stas EURO NCAP rating and a 2012 Ford Ranger with 5 stars EURO NCAP 2008 Ford Ranger 2012 Ford Ranger There is a major difference, there is a reason why this rating system and agency exists :)
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    HOT TOPIC The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    My mother got T-Boned in a crash this year, and the only thing that saved her life and got her with only minor scratches are 2 metal beams that protects the vehicle from the sides.. The vehicle got smashed except the metal beams that stopped the other car from killing my mother. Since the...
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    NOTABLE! Does your "get rich" internet guru only make $28K/yr?

    That 0.04% increase in your account is almost the median monthly income of a US household most of the people just choose to live "safe" mediocre linear income lifestyle and by "safe" I mean they are at their employer's mercy, one medical emergency or a recession from being homeless
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    One thing all successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common

    I feel like there are two kinds of people in the world- 1. the drones- the majority of people, the 99%, they are basically on autopilot, SCRIPTED, they let outer factors dicate their life. 2. the "self-aware"- people with very high level of self awareness that "view" the world different- like a...
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    EXECUTION Systematic Profits with Highly risky Leverage Trading Bitcoin & Ethereum - cryptocurrencies

    If you think your "proven" trading method can double your money every month you better start a crypto hedge fund and be a muti-billionaire or sell your knowledge to a hedge fund for millions Top level funds with the best minds money can buy and the best trading algorithms can't achieve that...
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    Sales job, low effort 9 to 5 and side hussle or direct startup?

    "so I expect to be able to find a job if I want to " People hire managers based on experience not based on a college degree and the mediocre grades definitely doens't help... Don't be so sure you will get a job that quick and if so it will probaly be a shit job for the beginning...
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    OFF-TOPIC Show us your pet(s) !

    Crazy little pup.. got her for my mother's birthday
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    INTRO 15 year-old living in an entrepreneurial family (i must achieve twice as much as they did)

    Best thing you can get out of your family is networking and mentoring - controlling this huge comapnies means your family is very connected & strong in the money/power/political influence. Leverage your family bonuses for your own success, good luck.
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    INTRO Starting my life journey at 21 y.o

    I mean the degree is in law, and an additional courses in accounting, I dont know how to compare it to US education system.

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