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  1. MoneyDoc

    I owe MJ an apology

    The above was from my intro thread on Aug 4, 2014. I was a 20 year old second year university student. @MJ DeMarco I owe you an apology as I lied to you. It was not my choice. It was the choice of those around me. I was rejected from medical school in Canada two years in a row. I was actually...
  2. MoneyDoc

    Amazon Possibly Hacked

    For those that sell on amazon, be wary. Amazon might have been hacked. A bunch of listings are showing a Guy Fawkes mask (anon mask) as the main image or amazons dog. Bunch of million dollar brands/products affected and are being removed from amazon.. a bunch of my listings affected too.. A...
  3. MoneyDoc

    RANT Not satisfied...

    Lost over 80+ lbs. Put on a ton of muscle. In the best shape of my life. Started a new brand. Doing extremely well. Branching out to more products under the same brand. BUT... I don't have a sense of satisfaction... it feels "weird"... like, what am I doing with my life... why? Anyone that's...
  4. MoneyDoc

    Anyone up to make me a shopify website?

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, but I was looking into paying someone to develop a modern, clean, minimalistic shopify website for my supplement brand. I would also need amazon Canada integration. Was looking into 99designs, fiverr, etc. but I rather have someone...
  5. MoneyDoc

    How do you deal with the "rainy days".

    Hey guys, Quick question for the more experienced entrepreneurs/forum members and those that have been through what I'm about to describe. So I'm just sitting here at home today, looking at my different brands/companies, looking at sales for the day, inventory, etc. and it hit me. This...
  6. MoneyDoc

    For those that use Alibaba Trade Assurance

    Hey guys. Hope everyone is doing well. I know there's a lot of fastlaners that use alibaba for their businesses. I can imagine a lot of you use trade assurance as well, because it's 100% safe right? Well, no, it's not. As @Walter Hay mentions, there's A LOT of loopholes in the system and they...
  7. MoneyDoc

    Newly launched sellers on Amazon

    Hey guys. For those currently selling on amazon, some of you might have noticed a swarm of newly launched sellers under your listing. Two of my listings quite recently (yesterday) were swarmed by 4 newly launched sellers offering my branded product at a ridiculous price. These are fraudulent...
  8. MoneyDoc

    Quick shipping tip for those importing from alibaba and selling on amazon

    Quick tip/advice for those importing from alibaba and selling on Amazon. The questions been asked more than a thousand times: "should I ship direct to FBA from my supplier or should I ship it to FBA myself?" Similar to Amazon partnered carriers (deeply-discounted rates to ship your packages...
  9. MoneyDoc

    OFF-TOPIC Time to collect

    @MJ DeMarco It's tax season buddy. I'd like to finally withdraw my rep bank. I prefer cheque, but wire transfers work too. Thanks in advance.
  10. MoneyDoc

    Cool model with a lot of potential I came across yesterday (bioenergy pellets)

    You'll be surprised at the amount of opportunities waiting if you look outside your regular sourcing market (China). Anyways, for those interested in bioenergy or are involved in bioenergy/wood pellets/pellets, I came across a neat model that is very intriguing. Coffee is one of the largest...
  11. MoneyDoc

    FINALLY! From Millennial to millionaire - - in 5 steps! (forget the fastlane)

    Millennials have a super-charged advantage in growing wealth: time. It's the most important factor in what I call the prosperity formula. Savings multiplied by time equals wealth. Millennials have it in spades. Here's how to use it. 1. Save early. Invest $5,000 a year starting at age 25. Boom...
  12. MoneyDoc

    HOT TOPIC Anyone know how I can get a hold of Dan Bilzerian?

    He once had his email on instagram, but now that is removed. Anyone got a clue where to start? Btw, these are my two logos I had designed today. You guys probably have a good idea of what this venture is all about. Got the domain this week:
  13. MoneyDoc

    Feeling down? Here's some motivation.

    Thought I'd share this video with you guys. STOP WHINING, START GRINDING!
  14. MoneyDoc

    Kickstarter question.

    Hey guys. I apologize in advance if this is not right section, didn't know where to post this. Anyways, will I be able to run a successful campaign for a product not created by me but rather by a manufacturer in a different country. They have the product patented but I am sure several...
  15. MoneyDoc

    Nice little deal for anyone that can sell iPhone 5 cases

    Hey guys. Not sure if this is an appropriate section to post this, if not, I apologize in advance. Please note: I am not affiliated with this supplier in anyway, I do not receive any sort of commission from your purchase. I have however done business with this supplier before. I just wanted...
  16. MoneyDoc

    EXECUTION Bringing to market some nice edible Bamboo products!

    Hey all, I've found an amazing supplier/manufacturer of Bamboo in edible form (can't disclose it yet, but some of you probably know what it is). There has been tons of studies done on Bamboo extract proving antioxidant effects, rejuvenating skin effects, etc. There is about 1 or 2 players in...
  17. MoneyDoc

    EXECUTION Got myself into another project...

    Hey all... Some of you may know me as the person with 100 ideas and 10 businesses going on at once... I know you're supposed to stick with one and give it your best... but all these opportunities are popping up and I believe it's a sin to say no to a business opportunity. I have a meeting...
  18. MoneyDoc

    Here's an idea if anyone is interested.

  19. MoneyDoc

    Minerals Fastlane?

    There are so many opportunities in this field. I've been following some highly successful people in this field and there are so many opportunities. If you find the right supplier, say for polished diamond, the opportunities are endless. High margins exist in this field, I've seen it...
  20. MoneyDoc

    EXECUTION New Ecommerce site

    Hey guys. I just launched my second business dealing with e-shisha/cigars/cigs. Website is still under development so there may be some things out of touch. So far my partner and I have only added 3 skus but the number of products will gradually increase. First day of launch we have sold...

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