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  1. stitcom1

    INTRO Decided I’ve had enough.

    Thank you! Divorce is hard but needing antidepressants to function at work was a hit right upside the head. I need to get out and I will. Thanks again
  2. stitcom1

    INTRO Decided I’ve had enough.

    @AgainstAllOdds thank you!!! @srodrigo I will always remember that day as hitting rock bottom. I vow to keep it close to me as a reminder to never give matter what I’m thrown in my own pursuit of unscripted success.
  3. stitcom1

    INTRO Decided I’ve had enough.

    Greetings everyone, I am a newly divorced single mom of two who has spent the last 22 years helping to build other peoples businesses. Working my a$$ off. Several weeks ago my current job almost gave me a nervous breakdown. I had antidepressants subscribed to me just so I could function under...

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